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Microsoft has released the last preview version of its forthcoming Windows 8 operating system earlier a week earlier than expected. The most obvious change between the consumer preview and the version released this week is the vast improvements that have been made to the built-in Metro applications that will eventually

Microsoft’s plan to bring Windows to ARM chips has been a curious endeavor, mainly because the company hasn’t offered many specifics about how the new version of Windows will differ from the traditional x86 and 64-bit versions of the operating system. That all changed on Thurdsay with

As technology companies continue driving towards the “next big thing”, they have a strange tendency to lose their way. For Apple, that moment was just prior to Steve Jobs’s return to the helm, when it was producing more products than it could conceivably keep a handle

Jean-Philippe Courtois, president of Microsoft International, was in SA last week to meet with the software company’s customers and to attend the soccer World Cup final in Johannesburg. TechCentral editor Duncan McLeod sat down with Courtois, who is responsible for all of Microsoft’s operations outside the US, for an exclusive media interview and asked him about life at the company after the departure of Bill Gates, cloud computing and the plans for its Bing search engine.