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ZA Tech Show: Episode 84

ZA Tech ShowThe panel is substantial this week with Duncan McLeod, Jon Tullett, Brett Haggard, Ben Kelly, Toby Shapshak and Simon Dingle discussing:

  • Rica costing cell companies a fortune
  • The iPhone 3GS shortage
  • Telkom’s cable upgrades
  • Icasa’s seeming inability to regulate the communications industry without government’s input
  • Interconnect rates
  • Kindle and the costs
  • Google Wave revisited

Our picks and pick-ons of the week:

  • Ben Kelly: Pick — Big Bang Theory box sets
  • Toby Shapshak: Pick — Acer’s new Aspire 5738DG 3D laptop and Aspire One with Android
  • Brett Haggard: Pick — Tweetdeck 0.31.1
  • Jon Tullett: Pick-on — Twitter
  • Duncan McLeod: Pick – Uncharted 2
  • Simon Dingle: Picks – MiFi and Calico

And much more…

Download the entire episode directly (as an MP3 file).

We apologise for the cellular interference in parts of this episode.

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