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Afrihost hikes data caps after Telkom cuts prices

Just days after MWeb announced it was cutting the price of its uncapped digital subscriber line products to R199/month for both 384kbit/s and 1Mbit/s clients, Afrihost has effectively cut its capped broadband pricing and promised uncapped product pricing will soon be cut, too.

Afrihost says some capped users will receive double their bandwidth allocation for the same price. But prices have been cut across the board, with new, high-end bundles offering up to 2,4TB/month of data.

For example, the cost of a 50GB/month capped account has been reduced from R475/month to R399. Users who paid R29/month for 1GB of data will now receive 2GB for the same price, says Afrihost director Greg Payne.

The data cap increases mean bandwidth on some packages is now less than R8/GB.

Customers of Afrihost’s Afrigamer product will now receive 35GB of data instead of 20GB previously, along with zero-rated bandwidth for online gaming.

The changes come just two weeks after the Independent Communications Authority of SA said Telkom had agreed to reduce the cost of IP Connect — the way service providers connect to Telkom’s broadband network — by 30%. The new Afrihost products will be available from 1 May.

On its uncapped products, Payne says an announcement will be made soon and the prices will meet competitors’ rates “at minimum”.  — (c) 2012 NewsCentral Media

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