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Just two years after acquiring a controlling stake in the company, MTN South Africa has announced it will dispose of its 50,02% stake in Afrihost to the Internet service provider’s management team. MTN acquired the stake

Internet service provider Afrihost, which is currently the subject of an acquisition by mobile operator MTN, has announced it intends selling its own smartphone and offering early adopters 12GB of “free” data when they buy one. The phone, the Zest T1, which costs R1 999 once-off, will come with

Consumers are unlikely to feel the effects of Telkom’s latest wholesale price cuts because Internet service providers (ISPs) have already cut their prices in anticipation of the reductions, industry players have told TechCentral. Telkom Wholesale on Wednesday announced various

There’s no denying that cutting the cost to communicate is good for South Africa. Cheaper and more ubiquitous communications have a direct and measurable economic impact. This is one of the reasons government wants to have every South African online by the end of the decade. Part of government’s

Afrihost has slashed the prices of its business broadband uncapped digital subscriber line (DSL) products by between 30% and 50% following the recent reduction in the fees Telkom charges Internet service providers for access to its “last-mile” network. However, the cuts are in excess of the recent Telkom price reduction

Just days after MWeb announced it was cutting the price of its uncapped digital subscriber line products to R199/month for both 384kbit/s and 1Mbit/s clients, Afrihost has effectively cut its capped broadband pricing and promised uncapped product pricing will soon be cut, too. Afrihost says some capped users will receive double their bandwidth

It has been a year of falling bandwidth prices in SA. Though it took a little time before it happened, the arrival of the Seacom undersea cable jumpstarted a downward spiral in broadband prices. With access to lower international bandwidth