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Consumers, operators get Rica reprieve

The department of justice has yielded to requests from the mobile operators to extend the deadline by when consumers have to register their Sim cards. The new deadline is 30 June 2011.

TechCentral is in possession of the Regulation of Interception of Communications Act (Rica) Amendment Bill that is being sent to parliament for approval.

The deadline has been extended from end-December 2010, giving consumers another six months to register.

Download Rica Amendment Bill (PDF)

Rica, enacted last year, requires all telecommunications companies and Internet service providers to register customer details, including their ID numbers and physical addresses. If consumers aren’t registered, the companies are required to disconnect the subscribers from their networks.

Mobile operators have battled to get all their subscribers to register, and have spent a fortune on advertising and deploying registration equipment to all retail stores that sell Sim cards.

Operators will be pleased with the new deadline. It’s the date they had wanted for an extension.  — Candice Jones, TechCentral


  1. I knew this would happen. This was done to cater for the typical South African mindset where things like this are done at the last minute. The operaters purely wanted this deadline so that they don’t risk cutting off many customers. If people are cut off due not RICA’ing, it is their own damn fault!!

  2. The_Librarian on

    It better be final this time.

    If people get cut off, their own fault. Tough. Deal with it.

  3. @Glen Deadline extension is very common in this sort of cellphone registration – I’m on the telegeography mailing list and quite often see governments doing this … so before getting all “this country sucks” on us, consider that it’s a massive exercise that most countries have issues with.

    That having been said, I agree with @The_Librarian that they must make it stick this time!

  4. I signed up for a contract with MTN after RICA was announced last year. They have my home address/ID/bloodtype/ account/income/hotwheels collection/medichlorian count on record.

    So please remind me why I have to take all of that to them again to RICA me?

  5. I RICA’d both my SIM cards last year and Vodacom seems to have “lost” my RICA details for one… got a very condescending and snotty “reminder” of my “contractual obligations” in my last statement when they were the ones who screwed up. Such a bloody inconvenience.

  6. Who wants to bet it will be extended again? This is just a stupid idea from a time where police actually had all these details but still fcked up the case. Now they want everyones details so they can fck up even more. The public will also get wise that this is just another tool for the politicians just like FICA is a tool for SARS. It’s a complete fail in catching criminals with the operators determining what counts as valid documentation.

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