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SA app uKheshe launched for micropayments

South African start-up Jini Guru has launched a smartphone app and QR card to allow users to make micropayments electronically, to a car guard for example, without the need to carry cash.

The app, called uKheshe (which means “cash” in isiZulu), allows users to pay anyone who has an uKheshe QR card – and they don’t need a bank account.

Founder Jason Penton conceptualised uKheshe when he needed to pay someone who did not have a bank account and did not have any cash handy.

“uKheshe was developed to provide the easiest and cheapest way to pay someone for services or to leave a tip for great service,” Penton said. “The recipient does not need a bank account: a simple cellphone capable of USSD will suffice.”

uKheshe is made up of two parts: the app, which the payer installs on their smartphone, and the QR card, which the recipient has linked to their cellphone number.

“With the app installed, the payer simply selects the amount they wish to pay, then scans the QR code,” he said.

Pick n Pay

“The recipient is able to check their balance and withdraw cash by using the USSD code *120*82274# following the instructions and visiting the nearest Pick n Pay store.”

App users can top up their app balance via credit or debit card.

Packs of cards are available from the uKheshe website, or they can be purchased pre-loaded cards that can be handed out to anyone who is in need of food or clothing, the company said.

Those with money on the cards can withdraw the cash at Pick n Pay till points or use them in exchange for in-store goods.

User can spend up to R3 000/day or R24 000/month. The QR card costs R5/month for active cards. There is a R5 withdrawal fee, or R2 to pay for goods directly. The charge for topping up in the app is 4.5% of the deposited amount.  — © 2018 NewsCentral Media

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