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Telkom to ditch 8ta brand

Telkom looks set to ditch the name “8ta” for its consumer mobile business after pouring millions of rand into building the brand following its launch in 2010. According to a letter sent to Telkom employees by Telkom Mobile MD Attila Vitai, the company plans

Vodacom debuts uncapped call plan

Vodacom has unveiled its first contract tariff plan that offers subscribers unlimited phone calls and text messages for a fixed monthly fee. The new product forms part of a new portfolio called “Red”. The unlimited plan

Duncan McLeod
Mobile fury

When major corporate brands start bashing each other over the head in public, you know that commercial rivalry between them has reached an intense level. This is exactly what’s happening in South Africa’s mobile industry, where Vodacom, MTN and Cell C have taken to sniping at each other at every

Icasa shoots down Cell C over rates

The Independent Communications Authority South Africa (Icasa) has turned down a request from mobile operator Cell C to postpone this Friday’s planned reduction in mobile termination rates, saying the cuts are part of a regulatory process that can’t be suspended. Cell C wanted

SA operators: who really is cheapest

As the increasingly acrimonious dust-up between Vodacom and Cell C enters its next phase, South African consumers are enjoying a real reduction in retail mobile tariffs. But it’s difficult to separate the clutter as the big operators try to convince customers where to spend their

ISPs take 8ta to task

The Internet Service Providers’ Association (Ispa) has taken Telkom’s mobile arm, 8ta, to task for what it calls “false and misleading” advertising. 8ta, in turn, has said the campaign in question has run its course and won’t be flighted again. Ispa lodged the complaint against

Cell C wants urgent review of rates

Mobile operator Cell C is lobbying the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa) to delay the reduction in wholesale mobile termination rates on 1 March so that an “urgent market review” can be done to determine the effectiveness of the regulations. “In order to

Icasa cracks open new number range

Get ready to the idea dialling mobile numbers with prefixes like “060” and “061”. The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa) has opened up the “06” prefix for the first time as growth in mobile subscriptions propels demand from operators for additional numbers

Meet the new BlackBerrys

BlackBerry 10, the cornerstone of the turnaround strategy of the company known until Wednesday as Research in Motion, has landed. And along with it are two brand new BlackBerry devices, a touch-screen model, the Z10, and a hybrid keyboard and touch version, the Q10. The Z10 is expected

Cell C steps up mobile price war

Mobile operator Cell C will from next month give prepaid and top-up consumers, who recharge with R500 or higher, free, unlimited calls to other Cell C subscribers for 30 days from the date of recharge. The new product, called Supacharge, comes into effect on 4 February. Telkom’s mobile arm

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