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Corporate shot in the arm for Windows Phone

If Microsoft’s nascent Windows Phone platform is going to succeed, it’s in the corporate market, where the company is already strong with its desktop and server tools, where it arguably has the greatest chance of success against rival platforms such as Google’s Android and Apple, with the iPhone. Now, its ambitions

What drives consumer choice in telecoms

Their smartphone’s operating system, network coverage and quality of service are what consumers in SA and worldwide prioritise when it comes to making a decision about which telecommunications products and services to purchase. This is

SA has highest bank fees – survey

SA has the highest average ATM cash withdrawal fees out of 27 countries, it was reported on Friday. A survey by management consulting firm Accenture found that a transaction in SA cost nearly US$2 (R16,75), Business Day reported. The country also had the highest withdrawal fees of US$4, 59 (R38,44)

Apps, services crucial to mobile operators

Mobile operators need to find ways of boosting revenues and sustaining or growing profits by selling applications or other value-added products and services that can make up for the growing deficit between profit margins on data and those from traditional voice calls. This is the view of Fernando Usera

How Africa’s operators can survive the big squeeze

With competitive pressures increasing, voice markets maturing and price wars becoming more prevalent, telecommunications operators in Africa have to improve their efficiencies, cut costs and find new areas in which to grow, especially if they don’t want to be

Symbian far from dead – Nokia

As consumers eagerly await Nokia’s first Microsoft Windows Phone 7-based handsets later this year, it has become de rigueur to assume the ageing Symbian operating system the Finnish company has relied on for so long will soon be consigned to the

How the Internet is changing television

With television shifting to the Internet and traditional broadcasting models under threat, broadcasters need to embrace new technologies and collaborate better with partners or risk losing out.

That’s a key finding in a recent report by Accenture