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In another example of how good Steve Jobs was in picking technology losers and winners, in 2010 he listed all of the reasons why the world needed to move on from using Flash. At the time, Jobs was explaining why the iPhone and iPad would not support Flash but it is clear that if he

Adobe has announced that Creative Suite 6, the most recent collection of its various pieces of creative software that includes popular packages such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Premiere Pro, will be the last packaged products it releases. In their place is Creative Cloud, which uses the software-as-a-service

Adobe Creative Cloud, a forthcoming service that will let you license Adobe’s highly sought-after Creative Suite and give you a plethora of cloud-based extras, now has a price tag: US$50/month with a required one-year contract. Creative Cloud was introduced at the annual Adobe Max

Something momentous happened on Wednesday — something most people will never even hear about. Adobe, a software firm, announced that it is ceasing development on the mobile version of its Flash platform. That probably doesn’t sound very momentous