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Greg Mahlknecht
On the future of computing

The elements of the future of the desktop are slowly falling into place. No one company has a comprehensive set of products and services that will deliver the future of computing, but the shape of things to come is getting clearer. The key driver behind it all is convergence — convergence onto a single productivity device, and convergence in the “cloud”. In hardware, desktops are losing market share to notebooks, which in turn are being

iPhone 4 here in September

There’s good news for local iPhone fans. The new iPhone 4 is likely to go on sale in SA in September, barring any unforeseen problems, TechCentral…

The new king of the hill

It’s official. Apple is the world’s most valuable technology company. On Wednesday, its market capitalisation surpassed Microsoft’s for the first time, clearly demonstrating the sea change…

Duncan McLeod
Apple defies gravity

Something extraordinary looks set to happen soon in the world of technology. Apple, virtually bankrupt 14 years ago, is on the verge of overtaking Microsoft as the world’s biggest tech company by market value. Is its stock overvalued?

Adobe unveils Creative Suite 5

Software maker Adobe has launched Creative Suite 5 (CS5), which it is billing as the most important release of its flagship content design software in years.…

Best of the Web
Europe gives Microsoft browser rivals a lift

Web browsers Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome have all enjoyed a lift after Microsoft agreed to a European Union demand that the company give Windows users a choice of which browser they’d like installed as default. A settlement with the EU

ZA Tech Show: Episode 102

We’re in our new studio space this week, echoes, unpainted walls and all. Brett Haggard, Don Packett, Duncan McLeod and Simon Dingle are your panel this week. We discuss Cell C, in-flight Wi-Fi and much more

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