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iPhone 4S goes on sale in SA on 16 December

The iPhone 4S, the latest version of Apple’s iconic smartphone, will go on sale in SA on 16 December, cellular network operator Vodacom said in a tweet on Thursday. The launch of the device in SA had been expected late last month, but was delayed by a three weeks. Vodacom said in its

Microsoft bringing Office to the iPad – report

Microsoft is developing a version of its popular Office productivity suite for the iPad, according to The Daily, News Corp’s tablet-only newspaper. The newspaper quotes unnamed sources as saying that the software company is “actively working on adapating its popular software suite

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Logitech Pure-Fi Express Plus: purely pedestrian

There’s a lot of money in Apple accessories: just ask Built, Crumpler, iHome, Griffin, JBL or any of the other companies that make the myriad cases, docks, cables and other accessories Apple doesn’t include in the box. Swiss company Logitech has long been on the iAccessory bandwagon

Levinson to chair Apple board

Apple has named Arthur D Levinson as chairman of it board of directors, replacing the late Steve Jobs in the role, and has also appointed Disney CEO Robert Iger as a director. Levinson is chairman of Genentech and a member of the Roche board of directors. He joined

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Motorola Razr review: top-heavy powerhouse

Remember the Razr? It was Motorola’s incredibly popular series of super-thin flip phones that sold more than 130m units, making it the most popular “clamshell”-style phones in the history on the mobile device industry. Well, the Razr is back, at least in name if not in design

Gijima extends focus on IT consumerisation

Listed SA IT company Gijima has formed a partnership with US company MobileIron as it ups its focus on the consumerisation of IT in business. Founded in 2007 and based in California, MobileIron provides mobile device management and security to large corporations

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Flash in the pan

Something momentous happened on Wednesday — something most people will never even hear about. Adobe, a software firm, announced that it is ceasing development on the mobile version of its Flash platform. That probably doesn’t sound very momentous

Duncan McLeod
This changes everything

The level of competition between smartphone manufacturers and the companies that make the software that powers these devices is awe-inspiring to watch. It is fuelling innovation not seen in the technology industry since the early days of the personal

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Samsung Galaxy Note: awkward and awesome

There’s simply no getting away from it: the Samsung Galaxy Note is huge! With 5,3 inches of screen real estate, it’s also quite the attention grabber. That attention elicits one of two responses. The first of these is awe and envy. The other is laughter and derision

How Africa’s operators can survive the big squeeze

With competitive pressures increasing, voice markets maturing and price wars becoming more prevalent, telecommunications operators in Africa have to improve their efficiencies, cut costs and find new areas in which to grow, especially if they don’t want to be

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