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Samsung’s BBM equivalent now available to all

Korean electronics manufacturer Samsung says its instant messaging service, ChatOn, is now available on Apple and BlackBerry devices. The application is already available for Samsung’s Bada operating system and for Google’s Android platform. Samsung SA MD Deon Liebenberg says ChatOn is now available

Apple breaches $500bn market cap

Apple’s market value exceeded the half-a-trillion-dollar mark for the first time in after-hours trading in New York on Tuesday, just 40 days after it breached the $400bn level. Apple is now by far the most valuable listed US company, with a market value at Tuesday’s close a full $87bn ahead of the next largest

iPhone 5 may sport new ‘micro’ dock connector

Apple may be getting ready to ditch the current dock connector used in iPods, iPhones, and iPads in favor of a smaller version, meaning you’ll possibly have to keep up with yet another adapter to use all the latest accessories for iOS devices. Annoyances aside, Apple could have a very practical reason

Duncan McLeod
Mac changes spots

Apple is introducing new features to its Mac OS X operating system that sometimes appear somewhat counterintuitive and are slowly driving this writer to consider alternatives. I admit I was a reluctant convert to Apple, but switched to the Mac platform with the release of Mac OS X 10.5

Move over iCloud: Microsoft promises big SkyDrive updates

After several leaks, Microsoft has confirmed that its SkyDrive cloud storage solution is about to receive a major update with desktop syncing, a SkyDrive Metro app for Windows 8, secure remote access and other helpful additions. There has been much movement in the

Apple well on its way to killing SMS

In addition to the announcements about Apple’s next operating system Mac OS X Mountain Lion, the company rolled out a beta edition of its iMessages chat app on Thursday. Apple previously launched its iMessages for the iPhone and iPad as an answer to Research in Motion’s popular BlackBerry Messenger service

Apple to unleash Mountain Lion on Mac universe

Apple has unveiled its next big cat operating system for desktops, Mac OS X “Mountain Lion”, which shares even more with iOS than its predecessor. Like OS X Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion (technically Mac OS X version 10.8) is being positioned as a minor upgrade over last year’s Lion release. For the most part

Tim Cook on the ‘state of the Apple’

Tim Cook, Apple’s new CEO, gave a small “State of the Apple” address on Tuesday, touching on the recent accusations of poor working conditions in the factories that make Apple products. He also laid out what the iPhone has done for Apple and why cheap tablets just aren’t worth it. The conversation started

What will Apple do with its $90bn cash pile?

Apple has the best kind of problem: US$90bn in cash burning a hole in its pocket. At the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference on Tuesday, CEO Tim Cook was asked why the company has not taken the usual moves of buying back stock or issuing a dividend to shareholders. Investors, while happy with the epic stock price

RIM director calls outsiders ‘morons’

As if Research in Motion (RIM) needed more controversy surrounding its appointment of new CEO Thorston Heins, now a company director is arguing that it simply couldn’t have chosen a new CEO from outside the company earlier because the only

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