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ZA Tech Show: Episode 89

We have a bumper show this week. Brett Haggard, Candice Jones, Duncan McLeod, Jon Tullett and Simon Dingle constitute your panel. They discuss, among other things, Microsoft Office 2010, Google Chrome OS and Telkom’s interim results

ZA Tech Show: Episode 88

This week, Ben Kelly, Duncan McLeod, Toby Shapshak and Simon Dingle tackle Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Kindle apps and e-books, the interconnect agreement, this week’s broadband colloquium, Apple’s iPhone profits, and much more…

ZA Tech Show: Episode 84

We have a large panel for this week’s episode of SA’s favourite technology podcast. Duncan, Jon, Brett, Ben, Toby and Simon discuss Rica, Telkom cable upgrades, the interconnection debate, the Amazon Kindle, Google Wave, and much more

ZA Tech Show: Episode 80

A gathering of three forms the panel this week as Brett Haggard, Ben Kelly and Simon Dingle discuss, among other things, Halo 3: ODST, new iPods and pricing, interconnection rates, Twitter’s avatar evacuation and Facebook Lite

ZA Tech Show: Episode 79

The ZA Tech Show covers a remarkable variety of topics this week with regulars Brett Haggard, Toby Shapshak, Jon Tullett, Duncan McLeod, Simon Dingle and Candice…

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