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Acer’s Iconia A500 Tab: an exercise in optimism

Just about every computer and phone manufacturer now makes tablets in the hope of grabbing some of the scraps of market share Apple doesn’t hold with the iPad. Acer has a couple of tablet offerings, but its headline act is the Iconia Tab A500, a 10,1-inch Android-powered

PND makers navigate an uncertain future

Are the days of GPS-powered personal navigation devices (PNDs) numbered? With Google Maps Navigation now offering SA Android smartphone users free turn-by-turn navigation and Nokia’s Ovi Maps offering live traffic information, it’s hard to see how standalone

Duncan McLeod
The sky’s not the limit

The rules airlines impose on the use of electronic gadgetry on their aircraft are incoherent and in many cases downright silly. It is time the industry applied consistent guidelines on the use of cellphones, e-readers and tablets on their flights. I’ve been travelling extensively around

TalkCentral: Episode 49 – ‘Telkom 2.0’

We bring you a bumper edition of the TalkCentral podcast this week. Your hosts Duncan McLeod and Craig Wilson unpack the launch of Telkom Business Mobile and ask whether the telecommunications company has turned the corner and what a reinvigorated Telkom could

Telkom gets aggressive with business mobile

Telkom has launched its first mobile offerings aimed at the business market and is taking the fight to its rivals with aggressive introductory offers on smartphones and tablets. Telkom Business Mobile – the brand the company is using

Duncan McLeod
Big iBoots to fill

Steve Jobs announced last week that he was stepping down as CEO of Apple, the company he co-founded in April 1976. But what was his greatest achievement, if it wasn’t the Mac, the iPod, the iPhone or even the iPad? It was the powerful ecosystem he built around those products

Craig Wilson
Android on your iPhone

There’s less and less separating mobile handsets from one another when it comes to the hardware that powers them. So, what happens when users can decide for themselves what operating system software they want to run on their phones? Just looking at the latest

App World leads Android, Apple markets in SA

BlackBerry’s App World is the most popular application store for smartphones in SA, new research has found. A report by Columinate and commissioned by Vodacom polled 11 industry professionals and about 400 smartphone owners and 35 developers

Vodacom chases a slice of the app pie

Vodacom CEO Pieter Uys on Friday morning piqued the interest of SA smartphone users when he tweeted: “Just announced an SA apps ecosystem including local application store launching next week”. Now more details have emerged about

The iCEO has left the building

There are plenty of reasons why Steve Jobs is one of the most recognised personalities in business. But chief among them is the fact that he’s credited with having saved Apple and then turning it into the most valuable technology company in the

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