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The Zimbabwean-born and SA-educated CEO of VMware appears to be stepping down. A report in IT channel publication CRN quotes “multiple” unnamed sources as confirming that Paul Maritz will relinquish the role. What’s not known, according to CRN, is whether Maritz, who has

Mali’s new prime minister, Cheick Modibo Diarra, is an accomplished astrophysicist who worked on five Nasa missions and became a US citizen, but said he never forgot the Malian town of his birth. He earned degrees from universities in France and the US, where he later taught mechanical and aerospace engineering

Your crew this week consists of Andy Hadfield, Brett Haggard and Simon Dingle. They discuss Alan Knott-Craig taking the reins at Cell C, Jeffrey Hedberg leaving Altech, BlackBerry’s CEO shuffle, Microsoft’s renaissance post Gates, CEO Twitter rockstars and social networking in 2012, and much more

Next year will be a decisive one for Microsoft as it readies new products to fend off challengers in the consumer technology market. Its upcoming touch and tablet-friendly operating system, Windows 8, will be an important part of its plan to win back the hearts and minds of

Walter Isaacson centres Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography on a single idea: that Jobs was an artist working at the intersection of the liberal arts and the technology industry. Jobs emerges from the pages of the enthralling biography as a figure who would be as at

As a result of expanding mobile network coverage, the biggest challenge facing SA as it tries to get more people online is the affordability of connectivity and devices, not network speeds. That’s the view of Independent Communications Authority of SA

There are plenty of reasons why Steve Jobs is one of the most recognised personalities in business. But chief among them is the fact that he’s credited with having saved Apple and then turning it into the most valuable technology company in the

He was once one of Bill Gates’s top lieutenants at Microsoft and was closely involved in the development of the client-server model of computing. Now Zimbabwean-born and SA-educated Paul Maritz, CEO of US cloud computing specialist VMware, says