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Microsoft is at a crossroads. Its new CEO, Satya Nadella – only the third person to lead the company in its 39-year history, after Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer – has to decide if the software maker’s future lies exclusively in the business market, where it remains

Microsoft’s board of directors has named Satya Nadella, an internal candidate as its third CEO, replacing Steve Ballmer, who has been in the job since January 2000. The announcement follows an extensive search, both within and outside Microsoft, for a suitable replacement for Ballmer, who announced his

Ashton Kutcher, in the titular role of Jobs, promises at a pivotal moment of the movie to “make Apple cool again”. His dull, functional biographical picture about the late Apple founder and CEO, however, is about as cool as a Dell Latitude. It ticks off a list of features, but there isn’t much art or

Investors cheered Steve Ballmer’s decision to step down as CEO of Microsoft. The share price leapt higher by more than 7% on the day of the announcement that he would leave within the next 12 months, once a successor had been identified. Most critics said that, at best

Microsoft’s long-serving and sometimes controversial CEO, Steve Ballmer, 57, will step down from the US software company within the next 12 months. This will happen after the conclusion of a process to choose his successor, the company says in a statement. The news sent Microsoft’s

Fans of the open-source Firefox Web browser, developed by the Mozilla Foundation, have long enjoyed the “Easter egg” in the software that takes a dig at Microsof t and its browser, Internet Explorer (IE). Typing in “about:mozilla” in the address bar has always brought up some clever

While titans like Apple, Microsoft and Google are grappling for global dominance, ordinary people around the world have begun tinkering with gadgets again. Just look at the Raspberry Pi. It’s barely bigger than a credit card and costs less than R250, but the Pi is a fully fledged computer. Hook it up to your TV and a

Rumours are circulating that Apple may abandon Intel chips in favour of those designed by ARM Holdings. Bloomberg reported on 6 November that “people familiar with the company’s research” had said Apple was “exploring” the idea. Of course these sources

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has a great deal riding on Windows 8. Since he took the helm 13 years ago from his friend Bill Gates, the company’s share price has gone nowhere. The software giant is far from sinking, but it’s slowly taking on water. Windows 8 will be a key product in plugging the hole. But

Hundreds of millions of people around the world are intimately familiar with it. It’s been a cornerstone of Microsoft’s operating-system software since then-CEO Bill Gates unveiled Windows 95 more than 17 years ago. Yet, this Friday, when the US software giant releases Windows 8 to the general