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Forget Apple, buy Microsoft

Although some US analysts are predicting that Apple’s share price could push past the US$1 000/share barrier in the next 12 months, making it the first $1 trillion company, I believe the more “boring” technology companies such as Dell, Microsoft and Intel offer a more sensible prospect for investors. The market is valuing Apple’s operating

Dell is ‘no longer a PC company’

Computer maker Dell is “long longer a PC company” but an “IT solutions company”, Brad Anderson, the president of its enterprise solution group said at the launch of its enterprise solutions in London on Monday, Craig Wilson reports. Anderson says the company has made 18 acquisitions since 2008, continues

Meet Africa’s most powerful supercomputer

Imagine a computer with 23TB of RAM and 2 800 processor cores, generating 60 trillion floating-point operations per second. That’s what Dell, the CSIR, the Centre for High Performance Computing and the University of Cambridge have built in Cape Town. It’s being billed as the fastest supercomputer

Craig Wilson
Is that a phone in your pocket, or…?

The first cellular phones were cumbersome, ungainly things that required strong arms and frequent access to a power point. Then the great shrink happened. By the end of the 1990s, phones had evolved from briefcase-sized to pocket-sized to