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What Trump told US tech leaders

Tech executives summoned to meet with Donald Trump in New York Wednesday had reason to suspect they were being lured into a trap. In the run-up to the election, the President-elect clashed with industry

MTN said to extract billions from Iran

MTN Group, the South African wireless carrier that’s been trying to repatriate US$1bn from Iran, has managed to extract several hundred million dollars or several billion rand from the country with the

Bill Gates pushes green energy with Trump

On one end of the phone, there was Bill Gates, the Microsoft co-founder, who has pledged a good chunk of his fortune to ending climate change. On the other end of the line, there was President-elect Donald Trump, who has described

Trump to meet US tech leaders

President-elect Donald Trump invited technology leaders to a discussion next week in New York where Silicon Valley will begin building relationships with an incoming administration it initially distrusted and mostly criticised. Oracle co-CEO

Reserve Bank keeps rates steady

The South African Reserve Bank left borrowing costs unchanged for a fourth consecutive meeting as it projects the inflation rate will fall back to within its target and the economy is set to expand at the slowest pace since a recession six years ago. The central bank

Facebook to crack down on fake news

Facebook is taking steps to address its role in spreading fake news, such as enlisting the help of third-party fact checkers and posting warnings on dubious stories. CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Friday responded to

SA rates set to rise on inflation fears

Investors are betting on a South African rate increase as inflation expectations surge in the wake of a collapse in the rand. Forward-rate agreements starting in 12 months, used to speculate on policy moves, added 40 basis

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