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A financial black hole of growing proportions is engulfing Eskom as it dances between blackouts and load shedding. The utility claims that maintenance issues are the principal reason

Power utility Eskom is 21 days from going broke, the minister of public enterprises has confirmed. “Eskom will run out of money by the end of January,” minister Lynne Brown said this week. Brown confirmed the “pressure on the company’s liquidity

Financially embattled Eskom has run to the government for additional funding to pay its spiralling bills. But the treasury has refused and said it will not fund the utility from its strained coffers, and the energy regulator couldn’t help even if it wanted to. Faced with a shortfall

The unexpected delay in processing the Independent Systems and Market Operator Bill in parliament sends the wrong signals to investors, creates uncertainty in the market and hinders those trying to enter the electricity market, according to independent power producers. The bill is

SA’s electricity shortage was stifling economic growth, the head of the Independent Power Producers’ Association said on Tuesday. “You cannot grow your economy without new electricity,” the association’s MD, Doug Kuni, said at a Free Market Foundation media briefing in Johannesburg. Blackouts in 2007 and 2008