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If President Cyril Ramaphosa is serious about preparing South Africa for the so-called “fourth industrial revolution”, he would be well advised to scrap the plan to create a “monopoly” wholesale open-access network

A shake-up of the telecommunications landscape in Africa may be in the offing after US giant AT&T said in an interview with Bloomberg that it was interested in acquiring UK-listed Vodafone. AT&T said, though, that it was not interested in acquiring Vodafone’s operations in emerging markets, but only its

Sweeping changes to the management of scarce radio frequency spectrum are contained in the latest draft of the Electronic Communications Amendment Bill. The latest draft bill has proposed the introduction of spectrum trading, a move that may have been introduced following recommendations

The department of home affairs has backed down from its plan to fast-track legislation that would force Internet service providers to implement a blanket ban on online pornography. The department met on Thursday morning

A plan by the Independent Communications Authority of SA (Icasa) to cut wholesale call termination rates may be delayed until next year, parties close to the process say. The rates, which were supposed to be cut last month as a first step on a two-year glide path down, are the fees the operators charge each other to carry calls onto their networks.