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Microsoft unveils TV white-spaces trial

Microsoft on Wednesday launched a television white-spaces spectrum pilot in Limpopo, using unused portions of radio frequency spectrum reserved for broadcasting to deliver Internet access. It hopes the project will encourage further deployments throughout Africa. The pilot follows the launch of similar

How to turn the tables on Big Brother

Last week, Vodafone, the world’s second largest mobile operator, made startling revelations about secret wiretaps that allow government agencies to listen into and record live telephone conversations. These revelations come a year after American whistleblower Edward Snowden revealed the extent of US and UK

Online privacy not just about ‘forgetting’

Spare a thought for Google. In the wake of a ruling by the European court of justice, the Internet search giant has to set up extensive new machinery to deal with requests to take down embarrassing material. It all began when a Spanish man, Mario Costeja González, tried to force the website of the newspaper

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No ‘killer app’ will drive smart watch sales

Consumer electronics companies holding out for a “killer application” to drive the sale of smart watches are likely to be disappointed. That’s the view of Jonas Olsson, who heads the experience and design team for mobile accessories at Sony, where he focuses on wearable computing

Alistair Fairweather
Hitting back at the surveillance state

Someone may be reading all your e-mail. At both security agencies and cybercrime enterprises, thousands of geeks are busily sifting through e-mails that they have intercepted. This is happening every second of every day, around the world. Of course it’s highly unlikely that anyone at America’s National

Battle lines drawn over white spaces

SpectraLink Wireless, with help from Facebook and Microsoft, has rolled out broadband coverage using television white spaces (TVWS) across campuses at All Nations University College and Koforidua Polytechnic in Koforidua, Ghana. The spectrum being used has been

Spotify set for SA debut

It appears that one of world’s most popular music subscription services, Spotify, is getting ready to launch in South Africa, and possibly other markets in Africa, in the coming months. The Swedish company has appointed Oscar Sehlberg Westergård to head up the region and sources say the firm, which already offers its services in 56 countries, is

Meet Parkhurst’s fibre pioneer

The quaint “village” of Parkhurst is one of my favourite weekend spots and I often visit its pubs and eateries with the missus. So, as the resident of a neighbouring suburb, news that Parkhurst is planning to roll out fibre broadband to all homes and businesses piqued my interest. What was of particular interest was

Google gets a Twitch about e-sports

Online video behemoth YouTube, owned by Google, is said to have reached a deal to buy Twitch, a company that streams video of people playing videogames, for more than US$1bn. But why? According to a report by Variety, in which it quotes unnamed sources close to the deal, the purchase will be an “all-cash offer” and will be announced

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The S Africans making it big in America

Most say the same thing. They came to the US either to avoid army conscription or apartheid itself in the late 1980s. They planned to stay for just a few years, but they stayed on. A quarter century later, this small generation of South African immigrants has risen to break through, en masse, into such key leadership roles that they’re changing the US. YouTube

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