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Newsprint has a future – Google exec

Newspapers won’t die out, but publishers need to recognise that they are in the journalism business, not the newsprint business, and must embrace a range of news delivery vehicles. That’s the view of Peter Barron, Google’s director of external affairs

Microsoft takes wraps off Windows 8 (video)

Microsoft has taken the wraps off its forthcoming operating system, codenamed Windows 8, which it hopes will give it the platform it needs to fend off rivals Apple and Google, especially in the emerging field of tablet computing

Duncan McLeod
Birds over Africa

Just as undersea and terrestrial fibre connectivity is booming around and in Africa, an explosion in satellite capacity serving the region is also under way. The “dark continent” is getting connected to the global village. This week’s annual Satcom conference

Cape Town schoolboy into Google science final

Luke Taylor, a grade 9 pupil at the German International School in Cape Town, has been named as one of 15 finalists in Google’s Science Fair. Taylor was a semi-finalist among 60 others named by Google last month. He faced competition

TalkCentral: Episode 39 – ‘Fruity’

Craig Wilson and Duncan McLeod are in the studio this week for a packed episode of TalkCentral, TechCentral’s business technology podcast. In episode 39, we look at Eskom’s load-shedding schedule, the appointment

SA mobile advertising to top R1bn in 2012

Mobile marketing and advertising spend in SA will reach R1bn/year by 2012, according to a new study. Mobile advertising revenues were about R500m in the past year. Year-on-year growth trends suggest this figure

Full Android Market coming to SA

The full Android Market, including paid-for applications, is coming to SA and 98 other markets around the world, Google announced at its I/O conference in the US last night. The market will be available in 26 African countries

Alistair Fairweather
Dot bomb 2.0?

When does a market go from being a “growth sector” to a bubble? As with falling in love, it’s hard to put an exact date on the event. And, just like a love affair, a bubble is marked by growing excitement, lavish spending

Candice Jones
Has Ballmer gone bananas?

Tuesday’s announcement by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer that it will buy Skype for a whopping US$8,5bn hasn’t been universally welcomed. Many critics are questioning the logic of the deal, with some saying

Candice Jones
How broadcasters are being royally challenged

Google’s live streaming of the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton marks the beginning of the end for traditional broadcast models. The search engine giant streamed Friday’s wedding live to millions of viewers across the world. It’s estimated that as

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