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Yahoo to launch SA Web portal

Internet company Yahoo is coming to SA. It plans to launch an SA news and information portal this month, TechCentral has established. The move would put it in direct competition with Microsoft’s Howzit MSN, which is operated under licence by Kagiso Media

How Africa’s operators can survive the big squeeze

With competitive pressures increasing, voice markets maturing and price wars becoming more prevalent, telecommunications operators in Africa have to improve their efficiencies, cut costs and find new areas in which to grow, especially if they don’t want to be

Craig Wilson
Can Nokia rise phoenix-like from the Asha?

Finland’s Nokia wants us to believe it’s set to stage an Apple-sized comeback with its newly announced range of Asha feature phones and Lumia smartphones. That won’t be easy. But what it has done is take the first vital step: it’s started executing on a plan to win back

Has Nokia done enough to entice consumers?

Though there was much to be excited about from Nokia World in London this week, including the announcement of six new handsets, including two based on Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system, it was rather the omissions that got many analysts

Nokia has high hopes for location services

Nokia wants to become the default location services provider for Microsoft products and expects eventually to combine all of its new location-based services into one, unified experience. The Finnish company’s new location services include a check-in service called Pulse

Alistair Fairweather
How Groupon lost its edge

The only consistent thing about the Internet is its ability to surprise us by changing virtually over night. It’s a Darwinian market that crushes the weak and elevates the strong within months rather than years. That makes investing in online businesses a roller coaster ride

Duncan McLeod
The digital decade

Shortly after 2000, when the dot-com bubble burst, a pall was cast over the technology industry. Internet companies ran out of funding and hit the wall, the Nasdaq crashed and is still valued at a fraction of what it was at the height of the


The original version of the article, entitled “BlackBerry to open BBM to rivals?” contained speculation that, on balance, now appears to be largely incorrect. Because this…

Google keen to support SA wireless projects

US Internet giant Google is keen to invest in and support SA companies that want to build pilot wireless broadband networks using radio frequency spectrum currently reserved for television broadcasters. Neil Ahlsten, Google regional manager

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