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Stephen Elop’s brutal memo to Nokia staff

In a no-holds-barred memo to Nokia employees this week, new CEO Stephen Elop has lamented the company’s slow response, first to Apple’s iPhone, and then to the rise of Google’s Android, suggesting it is “standing on a burning platform”

Candice Jones
Google brings the masterpieces to you

I’ve been fortunate enough to live in Italy, one of the art capitals of the world. I have seen hundreds of side-street galleries and visited Florence to see Michelangelo’s David up close and personal. If you have ever been lucky enough

Duncan McLeod
Take a tablet or two

So, the iPad has finally gone on sale in SA, a year after the game-changing tablet computer was first unveiled by Apple CEO Steve Jobs. But consumers hankering for one would be well advised to exercise a little patience

Zoopy shifts focus, turns to mobile

Social video service Zoopy, often referred to as SA’s version of Google’s YouTube, has decided to take its business in a new direction. As of today, the company no longer accepts user-generated video uploads and

Duncan McLeod
Need to pay? Swipe your phone

Imagine the next time you’re standing at a checkout point at the supermarket. Imagine paying for your groceries simply by bringing your mobile phone next to a payment terminal and having the money debited

Duncan McLeod
Television 2.0

While other mainstream media have undergone radical change due to the Internet, television has remained relatively immune to its influences — until now

Alistair Fairweather
Is Facebook really worth $50bn?

We’re pretty used to hearing outlandish valuations on Internet companies that, if they were people, would be barely out of nappies. It happened during the first dot-com boom, and it’s happening again now. But news that Facebook is

Google’s top SA search terms in 2010

Despite being the year of the 2010 soccer World Cup, the soccer spectacle was outranked in Google’s fastest rising searches by teen sensation, Justin Bieber, as well as SA’s latest rap-rave hotshots, Die Antwoord

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