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Serious money in casual gaming

The rise of casual gaming on social media websites like Facebook is leading to an uptick in the game development business in SA. Mark van Diggelen, CEO and founder of SA casual and social gaming company SkillPod

Alistair Fairweather
Amazon vs the world

We tend to think of technological convergence as something that happens at the consumer level. In the last decade phones have become music players and video cameras, and tablets have become

Malware plagues Android

International security specialist Kaspersky Lab says more free applications are appearing on Google’s Android Market that are infected by malicious software, or malware. The company says the applications look

Google launches incubator for SA start-ups

SA start-ups will soon be able to apply for incubation support from Google SA. The international search giant has launched Umbono, a technology incubator based in Cape Town. Google SA country manager Luke Mckend

One in five phones sold now a smartphone

Smartphone sales soared 72,1% from 2009 to 2010 and accounted for 19% of total mobile communications device sales, new research from Gartner shows. That means nearly one in five phones now sold is a smartphone

Google looks to grow SA office

Google is on the hunt for talent, hoping to double the size of its SA subsidiary from about 20 staff now, to roughly 40 people in the medium term. That’s the word from Google SA’s new country manager

Stephen Elop’s brutal memo to Nokia staff

In a no-holds-barred memo to Nokia employees this week, new CEO Stephen Elop has lamented the company’s slow response, first to Apple’s iPhone, and then to the rise of Google’s Android, suggesting it is “standing on a burning platform”

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