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What to do with Vodacom’s free 1GB

There are a number of ways how you can use 1GB of free data these days — that’s what Vodacom is giving each of its 33m customers in South Africa on Sunday (for one day only). The Internet is full of exciting things to watch, download or even just update. What you

JSE data now on Google Finance

Those interested in researching South African-listed equities can now access the share trading information and other data of Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE)-listed companies through Google’s popular Finance portal. “The JSE and Google Finance have teamed up,” the bourse said in a statement. “Now you can access JSE equity price

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Google, Facebook, and frikkin’ laser beams

I have such a complicated relationship with Google and Facebook that I sometimes find it hard to write about them. I don’t mean complicated in the sense of conflict of interest, although it is true that one of the organisations I do work for now receives funding from Google, so there is that, but what I am really talking about is

Alistair Fairweather
So long, and thanks for all the plusses

Most people outside of technology circles have never heard of Vic Gundotra. The charming, bespectacled 45-year-old with the flawless Californian accent might be mistaken for a professor or a paediatrician. Yet many of us have used one or more of the products he championed during his eight years at Google. On 24 April, Gundotra

Google launches SA elections hub

Google has launched an online South African Elections Hub as the country gears up to go to the polls in three weeks’ time. The Internet giant describes the hub as an online portal where voters, journalists and campaigners can easily track all the latest news, trends and information related to the 2014 general election, the fifth

Marius Burger
Mobile operators fighting the wrong war

The mobile operators are fighting the wrong war, and they’re squaring up to the wrong enemy. They should be fundamentally revising their business models to prepare for Google, Facebook and Microsoft, which are taking aim directly at their voice business. Let us take a step back. For well over a decade, South

Nafisa Akabor
For Google, it’s all about the data

Google recently grabbed headlines with its US$3,2bn acquisition of home automation company Nest Labs. The deal is the second biggest in Google’s history, after the $12,5bn it splashed out for Motorola Mobility in August 2011. But why did it buy it? Nest Labs designs and manufactures Wi-Fi-enabled

Alistair Fairweather
All is not well in technology land

All is not well in technology land. The normally ebullient mood at the annual SxSW Interactive conference is darker this year, weighed down by concerns about the prying eyes of governments. A keynote address by WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange over the weekend captured this growing unease. Speaking to a

Duncan McLeod
Nadella shuts retail window at his peril

Microsoft is at a crossroads. Its new CEO, Satya Nadella – only the third person to lead the company in its 39-year history, after Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer – has to decide if the software maker’s future lies exclusively in the business market, where it remains

Naspers has history of fighting Google

This week’s blistering attack on Google by, the Cape Town-based digital publishing arm of JSE-listed media and technology giant Naspers, in which it accused the US company of dodging taxes in South Africa, is just the latest such attack by a Naspers company. In 2011, Brazilian

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