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Apple market cap reaches $600bn

Remember that time in the 1990s when Apple was almost bankrupt and in disrepair? Take note, Yahoo, Apple’s market capitalisation reached the US$600bn mark on Tuesday, the second company in the world to reach the milestone. Apple reached a high of $644/share, reaching a market cap that continues to put space between

HTC: the mobile brand from nowhere

“Ideas so simple,” reads a cartoon on an elevator door, “that they feel like the completion of a thought,” continues its twin. Similar doodles adorn the walls of HTC’s headquarters in Taoyuan, near Taipei, and business cards carried by the smartphone-maker’s staff. John Wang, the chief marketing officer, lays out a set of four: concentric

Google unveils geeky augmented reality glasses

Continuing its trend of turning science fiction into reality, Google officially announced its augmented reality glasses on Wednesday — and yes, they look about as geeky as you’d expect. Dubbed Project Glass, the glasses will allow you to do many of the same things you do with your smartphone without whipping out a separate device

Google lures small business online

If there is one company that does not have to throw alms from the gilded corporate carriage to the unwashed masses of small businesses out there, it is Google. Its very existence is already a potent form of small-business support. Yet the Internet juggernaut has recently stepped up its outreach to SA small businesses. Woza Online

Steve Song: connectivity crusader and cartographer

When he isn’t talking at technology conferences and seminars, or travelling to them, 49-year-old Steve Song lives and works in Durbanville near Cape Town. He’s perhaps best known for his map of the various submarine cables that have landed in Africa in recent years, and for his passionate advocacy of the use of television white-spaces

Steven Levy’s different kind of rock ‘n roll

Steven Levy was not interested in technology when he growing up. Rather, he was into music in a big way. Coming of age in the 1960s, he wanted to be a music critic because they were almost like rock stars themselves. But the times were, unfortunately, a-changin’

Google+ and the magic 100 million

There’s an enormous amount of speculation swirling around Google+, the search giant’s six-month-old social network. In a frank “fireside chat” at this year’s South By South West (SXSW) festival tech guru Guy Kawasaki prodded Vic Gundotra, head of Google+, into revealing some surprising insights. Kawasaki opened

Google presses Play, killing Android Market

On the eve of Apple’s much-hyped iPad HD event, Google has fired a shot right at Apple when it comes to media with its new Google Play store. Google Play will combine all of Google’s other stores like the Android Market and Google Music into one cloud-based marketplace

Google’s Solve For X: what’s the big idea?

“Ideas are like rabbits,” said John Steinbeck. “You get a couple and learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen.” The same could be said of ideas fora, whose population expanded again in February with the birth of Solve For X, an experimental Google-sponsored conference where entrepreneurs

Apple breaches $500bn market cap

Apple’s market value exceeded the half-a-trillion-dollar mark for the first time in after-hours trading in New York on Tuesday, just 40 days after it breached the $400bn level. Apple is now by far the most valuable listed US company, with a market value at Tuesday’s close a full $87bn ahead of the next largest

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