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International newsmakers of the year

It’s customary at this time of the year for TechCentral to publish its lists of who it considers the newsmakers of the year, both internationally and in SA. We kick off, as always, with the five people we thought were the biggest newsmakers in the technology space in 2011 worldwide

Yahoo lands in SA – but why?

Global media site and search engine Yahoo launched an SA-specific portal on Tuesday. The site aggregates SA news from the likes of the Daily Maverick, AFP, Association Press and Reuters, and will offer users mailboxes on a domain. The question is why it’s

Stafford Masie: maverick on two wheels

Stafford Masie, just 37, has had a highly eventful career, having been the first SA country manager for Google and working for multinational corporations like Novell. He’s now dabbling in numerous start-ups and technology businesses. TechCentral’s Craig Wilson

Microsoft’s Office 365 arrives in SA

Microsoft has launched its cloud-computing productivity suite, Office 365, in SA. The suite includes various collaboration options and will be available to SA users as a free trial until its commercial launch sometime next year. Office 365 is a direct competitor to rival Google’s Docs platform

Craig Wilson
How the (other) social network is faring

Google has been eager to succeed at social media, both because it appeals to its ethos and because it’s losing valuable consumer eyeballs to Facebook. Google+ is without doubt the search giant’s most successful social venture so far, but are people actually using it after they sign

ZA Tech Show: Episode 186 – We be wigglin’

Sam Beckbessinger is back in the driving seat this week and is joined by Nic Callegari and Ben Kelly for a discussion about Telkom’s latest financial results, Google Music, the future of radio, employment in the technology sector, flight mode on planes, and much more

Gadgets & Reviews
Motorola Razr review: top-heavy powerhouse

Remember the Razr? It was Motorola’s incredibly popular series of super-thin flip phones that sold more than 130m units, making it the most popular “clamshell”-style phones in the history on the mobile device industry. Well, the Razr is back, at least in name if not in design

Opera: the little browser that could

These Norwegians are certainly tenacious. Despite Norway’s Opera Software continuing to struggle to gain meaningful market share against rivals such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Windows Internet Explorer on desktop computers, the company

Duncan McLeod
This changes everything

The level of competition between smartphone manufacturers and the companies that make the software that powers these devices is awe-inspiring to watch. It is fuelling innovation not seen in the technology industry since the early days of the personal

YouTube now in Zulu and Afrikaans

Google’s popular YouTube video service is now available in Zulu and Afrikaans. The SA version of the site, at, was launched in May 2010 and was the first localised YouTube edition in Africa. The Internet giant took the wraps off the Zulu and Afrikaans

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