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After a period of “consolidation” at its local office, Taiwanese handset manufacturer HTC is promising a renewed assault on the South African market by increasing its profile in the country and introducing new Windows Phone 8 and Android 4.1 smartphones. “We’ve had a period

If you’re in the market for a smartphone, one of the key considerations, once you’ve settled on the platform, is screen size. With a multitude of sizes, ratios, and resolutions on the market, one thing is clear: average screen is increasing and it’s showing

To understand the importance — and irony — of last week’s court victory by Apple, it’s necessary to go back to 1979. It was 33 years ago that a young Steve Jobs paid a visit to the Palo Alto Research Center (Parc), a research and development facility in Silicon Valley owned by Xerox. Xerox Parc is renowned for having

The Apple-Samsung trial had been running in the San Jose, California, federal court for four weeks, although the saga has been brewing for a lot longer with the two companies going at each other hammer and tongs for years now. The verdict, handed down on Friday, is by far the

It’s hard to think that just 15 years ago, Apple was staring bankruptcy in the face. What followed, under the leadership of Steve Jobs, has become one of the most celebrated turnaround stories in modern business. At more than US$550bn, Apple today is the biggest listed company on the planet by market value

I’ve had two main reactions from people when I’ve shown them the Samsung Galaxy S3. The first is usually to gasp in awe at the size and brilliance of the S3’s 4,8-inch Super Amoled screen. The second is usually to worry if it’s not perhaps just a little too big. After a week with the device, I can say

Having shed its partnership with Ericsson, Japan’s Sony is still trying to find its feet in the Android handset market. Despite marketing capabilities to rival Samsung’s, Sony hasn’t managed to cement itself a place in the smartphone war. The Xperia S looks unlikely to change that. The top-end Xperia is a

There are three things that strike you as you take HTC’s new flagship Android smartphone, the One X, out of its box. The first is how big the screen is; the second how thin and light it is for such a large phone; and, the third, how gorgeous its curved design looks. In the 130g HTC

Four months after establishing a local office, Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer HTC is promising to ramp up the marketing and distribution of its products in SA, with a focus on its new One-series range of devices. Jon French, HTC’s vice-president for sales operations

The battle lines have been drawn in the fight for the hearts, minds and wallets of Android users. In the blue corner it’s Korean giant Samsung Electronics, with its Galaxy S3. And in the green corner is plucky Taiwanese featherweight HTC with the One X. Both contenders