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Taiwan’s HTC has taken the wraps off the HTC One – previously codenamed the M7 – its new, top-end Android smartphone and the successor to the highly lauded One X. And, according to the company, the device will be launched

On Tuesday, at events in New York and London, Taiwan’s HTC is expected to take the wraps off the M7, its newest Android “superphone”, and a device that must take on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4. For HTC, it’s all on the line. In the face of juggernaut Samsung Electronics

Bigger is better. That was the message from smartphone manufacturers at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in early January. It is a trend that will no doubt be on display again in late February at Mobile World Congress, the industry’s biggest annual trade event, held each year in Barcelona. Growing

When was the last time you heard people, young or old, arguing the merits of different rock bands? I’m guessing it’s been a while. But what about a tiff about their choice of mobile phone? In the last five years, I’ve heard too many to count. Does that make personal technology the rock ‘n roll of this century? The

Since it bought out Ericsson’s stake in its mobile phone joint venture, Sony has been confined largely to playing catch-up in the smartphone market. Its devices have been good, but they’ve lacked the sort of cutting-edge innovation and aggressive marketing that have made Samsung Electronics the

A consumer’s choice of handset, and how they hold it, can have a huge impact on the quality of their calls and connections they experience. And, ironically, older phones tend to offer better network performance than newfangled smartphones. These are some of the findings from

From Samsung’s Android-powered Galaxy S3 to Nokia’s Windows Phone-powered Lumia 920, it’s been a banner year for technology innovation and a real treat for gadget junkies. What, then, were the best tech toys of 2012? I’m fortunate enough in my job to

HTC’s new midrange Microsoft-powered smartphone, the Windows Phone 8-based 8S, is a remarkably good piece of gear. Costing R4 000, it’s about R3 000 cheaper than its flagship 8X and the most affordable Windows Phone 8 device we’ve reviewed to date. Despite its modest price

HTC’s new Desire handsets, the diminutive C and its bigger brother the X, are both excellent and affordable smartphones. The Taiwanese company makes excellent devices. Its recent One X easily matches the (better selling) Samsung Galaxy S3, and in the early days of Android it made some of the

With its tapered sides, polycarbonate-clad unibody design and 4,3-inch, 1 280×720-pixel display, the HTC 8X certainly looks the part. As HTC’s new flagship Windows Phone device and one of the first handsets powered by Windows Phone 8