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Forget Apple, buy Microsoft

Although some US analysts are predicting that Apple’s share price could push past the US$1 000/share barrier in the next 12 months, making it the first $1 trillion company, I believe the more “boring” technology companies such as Dell, Microsoft and Intel offer a more sensible prospect for investors. The market is valuing Apple’s operating

Intel ups ante on Moore’s Law

Intel is announcing several advances in chip technology today that show it is keeping up with the demanding pace of Moore’s Law, which predicts a doubling of semiconductor performance every two years. Formulated in 1965 by Intel chairman emeritus Gordon Moore, Moore’s Law isn’t guaranteed. But today’s announcements show that

Intel takes aim at smartphone market

Chip-maker Intel, which has struggled historically in the mobile phone semiconductor market, last week unveiled a number of advancements across its smartphone business, including a deal with Motorola Mobility and a new handset by Lenovo based on the company’s new Intel Atom processor platform

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Toshiba Portégé R830 review: not quite the Air

Just as every hardware manufacturer has leapt onto the tablet computer bandwagon with varying degrees of success, so, too, they’re racing to get ultraportable laptop computers to market. Toshiba’s latest offering, the Portégé R830, offers great competition in terms of price and features, even

Duncan McLeod
The digital decade

Shortly after 2000, when the dot-com bubble burst, a pall was cast over the technology industry. Internet companies ran out of funding and hit the wall, the Nasdaq crashed and is still valued at a fraction of what it was at the height of the

The hard drive’s days may be numbered

Solid-state drives (SSDs) using flash memory technology will largely have replaced magnetic hard drives within the next four years as prices of the components tumble. That’s the view of Chad Sakac, vice-president for the VMWare Technology Alliance

Didata goes shopping in Silicon Valley

Dimension Data is diving head first into the cloud. The SA-headquartered company, which was acquired last year by Japan’s Nippon Telegraph & Telephone (NTT) Corp in a R24,4bn all-cash deal, has bought OpSource, an

Intel eyes broadband boom with Altech deal

Intel Capital, chip maker Intel’s investment business, on Thursday said it would invest US$5m in JSE-listed technology group Altech in a move it is describing as a way of tapping into the broadband boom taking place in Africa

Intel arm invests $5m in Altech

Intel Capital on Thursday announced it has reached an agreement to invest US$5m in JSE-listed technology group Altech. It is the first investment in SA by Intel Capital, the investment arm of US semiconductor giant Intel. The agreement, which remains subject to

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