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MTN joins Intel in Africa WiMax push

The world’s largest chipmaker, Intel, has signed a memorandum of understanding with Africa’s largest mobile operator, MTN, to extend its African reach. Intel GM for sub-Saharan Africa Jacques van Schalkwyk says the agreement will result in Intel working with MTN to bring low-cost WiMax modems and computer equipment in markets where MTN has deployed WiMax networks.

Intel still committed to WiMax

The world’s largest chipmaker Intel has not turned its back on WiMax, saying the technology still has strong potential in Africa. New Intel SA country manager Videsha Proothveerajh says the company is still committed to the wireless technology despite its decision to shut down the WiMax programme office in Taiwan last month.

Duncan McLeod
A race for smarties

Operating systems were all the talk last week at Mobile World Congress, the cellphone industry’s annual confab in Barcelona. Apple, Microsoft, Google, Nokia and others are engaged in a battle over whose software will run the next generation of smartphones

Video: Intel, Nokia unveil MeeGo

Nokia and Intel have announced that they will merge the best elements of their Maemo and Moblin Linux-based mobile operating systems to create the new MeeGo…

ZA Tech Show: Episode 98

Gartner analyst Will Hahn returns to the show this week, joining Brett Haggard, Duncan McLeod and Simon Dingle for a chat about Telkom’s recent Sat-3 troubles, interconnection, mobile data, Microsoft vs Google vs Apple and much more

ZA Tech Show: Episode 92

As Christmas 2009 approaches, our panelists are confined to their quarters and must use Skype to converse. They discuss Cell C’s multibillion-rand network expansion, the BlackBerry Storm 2, Google Chrome for Mac, and much more

ZA Tech Show: Episode 79

The ZA Tech Show covers a remarkable variety of topics this week with regulars Brett Haggard, Toby Shapshak, Jon Tullett, Duncan McLeod, Simon Dingle and Candice…

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