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As manufacturers, we care what the set-top box specification says. We can actually produce any box to any specification. However, we remain duty-bound not to stand by idly when there is a deliberate distortion of facts, such as is happening now on the issue of the “return path” that would allow consumers to

The SA Communications Forum (SACF), an industry lobby group whose members include the SABC and the big telecommunications operators, wants a “return path” built into the government-subsidised set-top boxes that will be used for digital terrestrial television, allowing South Africans to surf the

Multinational media company Naspers released its interim results for the six months to 30 September on Tuesday. They show subsidiary Multichoice has enjoyed far slower growth than in 2010 but the group’s Internet interests are expanding rapidly and accounting

In recent weeks, it’s been almost impossible not to miss M-Net’s criticism of everything that makes for SA’s broadcast digital migration programme, writes Muzi Makhaye. M-Net’s calls for a cheap “converter box” to replace set-top boxes in the migration are as absurd as

M-Net has hit back at competitor over allegations by the free-to-air broadcaster that the pay-TV operator is acting out of self-interest in proposing that SA adopts cheaper digital converters rather than more expensive set-top boxes in the migration to digital

Free-to-air broadcaster has slammed M-Net for suggesting last week that the country would be better off scrapping plans to build set-top boxes for digital terrestrial television, saying the pay-TV operator is acting out of self-interest only. M-Net’s director for legal

M-Net believes SA would be far better off scrapping plans to build pricey set-top boxes for digital terrestrial television and instead should use the money in other ways. Karen Willenberg, the broadcaster’s director of legal and regulatory affairs, says instead the country should

Fledgling pay-TV provider TopTV will not launch high-definition channels or a personal video recorder (PVR) decoder this year, pushing out their launch to the second quarter of 2012. The broadcaster, owned by

Telkom and M-Net have set the stage for what could turn into a big battle between broadcasters and telecommunications providers over digital dividend spectrum. The digital dividend is spectrum

This week we bring you a special edition of TechCentral’s TalkCentral podcast focusing exclusively on digital terrestrial television. Dave Hagen, technical director for digital TV at M-Net and deputy chairman of the