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Vodacom app store: the lowdown

Vodacom is launching a multi-platform mobile application store at the beginning of September. The company says it wants to help foster a local app industry and provide apps for both feature phones and smartphones. But does the move make sense? SA has a long history

The iCEO has left the building

There are plenty of reasons why Steve Jobs is one of the most recognised personalities in business. But chief among them is the fact that he’s credited with having saved Apple and then turning it into the most valuable technology company in the

Alistair Fairweather
Patents: the new weapon of choice

No matter how you look at it, twelve and a half billion US dollars is a lot of money. Sure, in the billionaire playground of Silicon Valley that’s merely a medium-sized company, but in the real world it’s the GDP of Botswana. So when Google

TalkCentral: Episode 48 – ‘Google’s gambit’

After a brief sojourn, TechCentral’s podcast is back with an information-packed show. This week, your hosts Duncan McLeod and Craig Wilson talk about Google’s US$12,5bn acquisition of Motorola Mobility and consider the implications for the ongoing software

Google says ‘Hello, Moto’

Google on Monday said it was buying Motorola Mobility for US$12,5bn in what most analysts are seeing as escalation of the software patents war with Apple and Microsoft. But the acquisition holds both opportunities and big risks for the

Nokia to invest in projects with gov’t

The department of science & technology has entered a partnership with Nokia to drive growth in SA’s technology sector. One of the cornerstones of the partnership is mLab, a mobile applications laboratory Nokia has established with support from the department, the

Alistair Fairweather
Microsoft’s Mango is unexpectedly sweet

I’m not the biggest fan of Microsoft. I’ve made that pretty clear over the years. The company has spent a decade in various degrees of stagnation, largely thanks to keeping Uncle Fester’s evil twin as its CEO. It has made a string of expensive and stupid acquisitions

Symbian far from dead – Nokia

As consumers eagerly await Nokia’s first Microsoft Windows Phone 7-based handsets later this year, it has become de rigueur to assume the ageing Symbian operating system the Finnish company has relied on for so long will soon be consigned to the

Duncan McLeod
Transforming television

Televisions have been getting bigger, thinner, lighter and cheaper, offering consumers a high-definition and increasingly cinematic experience at home. But they have remained largely passive devices for consuming content. That may be about to

Vox steps up focus on video conferencing

Vox Telecom has supplied video conferencing solutions for a number of years, but is now creating a dedicated division, called Vox Pureview, for the purpose. It intends offering video conferencing solutions, including support for mobile devices, including

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