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FNB pulls the plug on IE6

Internet Explorer 6 is the Web browser that just won’t die. The browser, which shipped with Windows XP in 2001, continues to be used by a substantial minority of Internet users

Microsoft tries to bring back the cool

Can Microsoft undergo a dramatic transformation to make itself cool again in the eyes of consumers, or are old dogs just incapable of learning new tricks, asks Brett Haggard. With Windows dominating the desktop operating system market

Duncan McLeod
Nokia phones a friend

The intense competition and rapid innovation in the smartphone market have forced two of the industry’s biggest players to team up. Microsoft and Nokia last Friday

Alistair Fairweather
Nokia: going (Micro)soft

Ten years ago it might have seemed like a match made in heaven: the world’s greatest software company teaming up with the world’s leading cellphone manufacturer. But when Nokia and Microsoft

Nokia embraces Windows Phone 7

Nokia and Microsoft, both struggling to stay relevant in the booming smartphone market, plan to ink a broad-ranging agreement that will result in the Finnish handset

Gadgets & Reviews
Windows Phone 7 HTC 7 Pro reviewed

Wow, it’s pretty. That’s the first thought I had when I picked up my first review smartphone running Windows Phone 7, Microsoft’s attempt to stave off irrelevance in the mobile phone operating system market

Microsoft empowerment deal gets the nod

Microsoft’s proposed R472m black empowerment deal will finally come to fruition after months of delays and discussions with the department of trade & industry. Microsoft was supposed to announce the names of four

Duncan McLeod
Television 2.0

While other mainstream media have undergone radical change due to the Internet, television has remained relatively immune to its influences — until now

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