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MTN Group has lifted its subscriber base by 4% in the quarter ended 31 March. It now has 147,2m customers on its networks in 21 countries in the Middle East and Africa. At the end of December 2010, the figure was 141,6m

MTN SA today showed off a ‘green’ base station near Upington, which is based on environmentally-friendly technology that will make it easier for the network to reach rural areas with wireless broadband services. The green base stations form part of a massive investment that MTN SA is making in network infrastructure.

MTN SA appears to have put the worst of its troubles, including its damaging billing-system problems, behind it and has gained market share in the past six months on the back of a jump in prepaid subscribers. Data revenues have leapt higher as demand for broadband Internet access continues to grow and the group has revised its full-year SA subscriber expectations sharply upwards on the back of a strong first-half performance.