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Was Edward Snowden a spy?

Ever since the former US National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden fled to Hong Kong and handed hard drives filled with highly classified documents to the journalists Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras, there has

Snowden is a picture of the cybersecurity state

With the release of a new film about Edward Snowden, the man who revealed secret documents detailing a massive US government spying programme, the debate about his character continues. That includes a renewed

Fears Russia could sabotage global Internet

It may sound far-fetched at first, but there’s a growing fear of the damage a newly aggressive Russia might inflict in a time of tension or conflict simply by damaging or cutting the undersea cables that carry almost all of the West’s Internet traffic. The New

It’s time to kill off the Sim card

The small microchips known as “subscriber identity modules” or Sim cards that are required for mobile phones to log on to a phone network will soon be 25 years old. While mobile phones and network technology have progressed in leaps and bounds, Sim cards are still

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What the great Sim heist means for you

Is it true spies hack technology companies? Can governments really listen to your phone calls? Should we care? The latest details of NSA and GCHQ intelligence agency activities to come from files leaked by Edward Snowden are of the apparently massive theft of mobile

Real whodunnit in hard drive malware case

It sometimes seems that whenever security researchers discover some new exploit or malware that allows the monitoring of remote computers, the finger is quickly pointed at the US intelligence agencies. Security firm Kaspersky has revealed a complex

Alistair Fairweather
Turn the tables on Big Brother with Tor

Nobody likes to feel like they’re being watched. Societies will tolerate a lot from their governments but few things cause more outrage than the kind of mass surveillance practiced by America’s National Security Agency (NSA) and its cronies. But true to form, the Internet has spontaneously generated

Guardian editor, in SA, speaks out on Snowden [video]

In June last year, The Guardian published the first in a series of stories that revealed a vast degree of electronic surveillance being carried out by America’s National Security Agency (NSA) and its British counterpart, GCHQ. The newspaper did not reveal the source of the leaks at the time, but former NSA external

How to turn the tables on Big Brother

Last week, Vodafone, the world’s second largest mobile operator, made startling revelations about secret wiretaps that allow government agencies to listen into and record live telephone conversations. These revelations come a year after American whistleblower Edward Snowden revealed the extent of US and UK

Alistair Fairweather
Hitting back at the surveillance state

Someone may be reading all your e-mail. At both security agencies and cybercrime enterprises, thousands of geeks are busily sifting through e-mails that they have intercepted. This is happening every second of every day, around the world. Of course it’s highly unlikely that anyone at America’s National