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Alistair Fairweather
All is not well in technology land

All is not well in technology land. The normally ebullient mood at the annual SxSW Interactive conference is darker this year, weighed down by concerns about the prying eyes of governments. A keynote address by WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange over the weekend captured this growing unease. Speaking to a

Craig Wilson
The end of the (Silk) Road

Newswires, forums and social media have been abuzz since Wednesday, when news broke that notorious online marketplace, the Silk Road, has been shut down and its alleged mastermind, Ross William Ulbricht, or “Dread Pirate Roberts”, arrested. The Road, as patrons

Alistair Fairweather
Big Brother must be kept in his place

It has been a bad year for Western intelligence agencies. Being front-page news every week for months at a stretch is not ideal when your business is secrecy. But, whatever the supposed threat to national security, the recent orgy of revelations is a healthy release of toxins

Cory Doctorow: NSA’s actions ‘criminal’

Author and technology activist Cory Doctorow has slammed the policies of the National Security Agency (NSA) and bodies like it, saying they’ve deliberately undermined online security without consideration of the long-term impact this will have. “Weakening the

Alistair Fairweather
How the NSA sabotaged the Internet

Trust is the world’s most valuable intangible commodity. Economies, political systems, partnerships and marriages rise or fall based on it. All commerce – both online and offline – rests on it. And yet the US’s National Security Agency is actively and recklessly undermining