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Row erupts over Twitter ‘plagiarism’

Business Day Television (BDTV) and CNBC Africa have become embroiled in a dispute over alleged plagiarism after the former broadcaster, formerly known as Summit TV, accused its competitor of copying a series of messages posted on Twitter during yesterday’s midterm budget speech by finance

Smart ID fee may be waived

Home affairs minister Naledi Pandor and finance minister Pravin Gordhan will decide whether to waive the fee for new smart ID cards, the home affairs department said on Thursday. “As [Pandor] has indicated in parliament, she is in discussion with national treasury regarding fees for certain

SA losing out on tax online

South African Internet users purchasing goods, especially virtual services and content, from international suppliers are hurting the fiscus and making local businesses less competitive. That’s the view of a tax specialist at auditing firm Deloitte, who says VAT is seldom levied on these purchases

SA drags customs into 21st century

The South African Revenue Service has introduced a new automated customs system that combines 26 previous systems and is intended to speed up the processing of goods at borders, cut back on corruption and make the country a more attractive gateway to Africa

SA customs goes digital

The South African Revenue Service (Sars) has introduced a new digital customs management system at border posts, finance minister Pravin Gordhan said on Thursday. “This is a very important milestone,” Gordhan told media at Megawatt Park in Sunninghill, Johannesburg. “We would be one of the few countries

SABC gambles millions on new channels

Finance minister Pravin Gordhan has previously slapped down plans by the SABC for a 24-hour news channel, saying “this is not the time for vanity projects”, but that has not stopped the public broadcaster steaming ahead to the launch of its satellite project on 1 August

Gov’t to tax Internet use

It looks likely that Internet users will have to tighten their belts from next year. Finance minister Pravin Gordhan has raised the idea of introducing a tax on broadband use from 2014.
The minister has suggested that a rate of 50c/MB should apply, with a built-in escalation in the rate in subsequent tax years

Backspace: ‘Purchase?’

In case you missed his first contributions, Jerm (also known as Jeremy Nell) has joined the TechCentral editorial team. Jerm, whose current affairs cartoons are widely talked about, is contributing an exclusive tech-focused weekly cartoon, called Backspace. “With Backspace

Sars eyes its pound of digital flesh

Government wants to begin taxing virtual goods sold online by foreign companies, including e-books and downloaded music. These companies should be required to register as value-added tax (VAT) vendors, finance minister Pravin Gordhan said in his national budget speech in parliament

R1,9bn for SKA, MeerKAT telescopes

The Square Kilometre Array (SKA) and MeerKAT radio telescope projects have been allocated R1,9bn over the next three years, according to the 2013 national budget tabled by finance minister Pravin Gordhan on Wednesday. A large portion of the international SKA project

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