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The South African Financial Exchange has joined a growing list of new exchanges angling to destabilise the JSE’s monopoly over South Africa’s equities market. Its founder, Francois Venter, is a chartered

South Africa is not facing challenges when it comes to international connectivity landing on its shores, says Seacom CEO Byron Clatterbuck. In the past six years, South Africa has been connected to numerous undersea broadband cables that have brought much-needed bandwidth to the country

The Sat-3/Wasc/Safe cable is being given a substantial upgrade. The system, which runs from Europe to South Africa via West Africa and from South Africa to Southeast Asia, has been upgraded from 420Gbit/s to 920Gbit/s in the northern segments

The East African Submarine System (Eassy), a subsea telecommunications cable along Africa’s eastern shoreline, is set to get a speed boost with supplier Alcatel-Lucent set to deploy the latest 100Gbit/s wavelength technology on the network. The upgrade will allow Eassy ultimately to carry

Dark Fibre Africa has switched on a new, R350m fibre system linking Gauteng and Mtunzini on the KwaZulu-Natal north coast, saying the new route should put renewed downward pressure on broadband prices. The route is the

State-owned Internet infrastructure provider Broadband Infraco will launch in the third week of November, offering wholesale access to its network. Infraco CEO Dave Smith says the company’s

Sub-Saharan Africa will soon be drowning in international bandwidth. France Telecom’s Orange has announced an extension to the Lower Indian Ocean Network (Lion) cable, adding yet more capacity to the east coast of Africa.

A longer-than-planned interruption on the Sat-3 cable that connects with SA with Europe caused chaos on Thursday, with many Internet…