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There’s an online land grab of the sort not seen since the dot-com bubble taking place in the global instant messaging (IM) market. WhatsApp Messenger, WeChat (partly owned by South Africa’s Naspers), Hangouts, Skype and BlackBerry Messenger, along with several smaller

A new SA start-up wants to challenge the incumbent phone operators with a low-cost alternative that takes advantage of the features of modern smartphones. Niqqui, which was launched a month ago, wants to offer

Hardly a week goes by without news of yet another international traveller returning from overseas only to discover they’ve run up a huge phone bill, in some cases in excess of R100 000, while roaming. It’s well documented that data use, in particular, can lead to phone bills so large that the money could

It’s been a busy year for Microsoft. The company has taken the wraps off Windows 8, talked up its forthcoming Surface tablet computers, bought enterprise social network Yammer, made updates to its search service Bing and commercially launched its cloud-based Office 365 suite

The application Windows Phone owners have been anticipating for eight months and counting has finally arrived, but it’s nothing to call home about yet. Skype, as expected, has finally released a beta version of its application for Windows Phone 7. The release includes support for Skype basics such as audio

Networking technology giant Cisco has filed an appeal with the European Union over last October’s approval of Microsoft’s US$8,5bn acquisition of Skype. Cisco, along with Italian voice-over-Internet Protocol provider Messagenet, is challenging the decision to approve the merger because the European

Google’s Android Market, Apple’s App Store, Nokia’s Ovi Store and BlackBerry’s App World together offer hundreds of thousands of free and pay-for apps. But finding the diamonds in the rough is often hard. These are some of my free favourites that run on both Android

Could Microsoft’s US$8,5bn acquisition of Skype, and its plans to integrate the software into Windows Phone, its smartphone operating system, put the software maker on a collision course with cellular network operators

Microsoft’s provocative US$8,5bn acquisition of Internet telephony company Skype set tongues wagging in the technology industry last week. The deal has been described as everything from a smart strategic buy to desperate flailing