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When does a market go from being a “growth sector” to a bubble? As with falling in love, it’s hard to put an exact date on the event. And, just like a love affair, a bubble is marked by growing excitement, lavish spending

Tuesday’s announcement by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer that it will buy Skype for a whopping US$8,5bn hasn’t been universally welcomed. Many critics are questioning the logic of the deal, with some saying

US$50. That’s how much Microsoft is paying for every active user of Skype. The software giant on Tuesday said it would pay $8,5bn to buy the popular Internet communications company

National Wi-Fi hotspot provider Skyrove has inked a deal with US Internet telephony company Skype that will allow consumers to use their Skype credit to buy wireless Internet access. Skyrove MD Henk Kleynhans says

More than 200m Nokia smartphone users worldwide can now use voice-over-Internet Protocol calling software Skype on their handsets, potentially causing a headache for mobile operators everywhere

Jon Tullett returns to the ZA Tech Show this week, joining the panel with Brett Haggard, Duncan McLeod, Simon Dingle…

In our first episode of the year Ben Kelly, Brett Haggard, Duncan McLeod and Simon Dingle form the panel, with Toby Shapshak dialing in from CES in Las Vegas later on in the show. We talk about tablet devices, Vodacom’s legal battle in the Congo and Google’s Nexus One smartphone