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Slack no slouch in stunning market debut

A parade of initial public offerings from Silicon Valley this year has garnered a mixed reception from investors. Slack Technologies took a different route, and saw its shares soar as it went public without an IPO.

Slack sale could value start-up at $9bn

Corporate chatroom start-up Slack Technologies has received recent inquiries about a potential takeover from technology companies including, people with knowledge of the situation said. A deal could give San Francisco

Jason Norwood-Young
My year of Slack

I tried an experiment this year: no airtime. In some ways it was like jumping back 20 years, to that time where you couldn’t just pick up the phone wherever you were and call someone. I had to make an effort, find a landline, or steal my wife’s phone. My wife told

Four tools for super productivity

Whether you’re sitting in a plush C-suite making executive decisions for a multinational, or sitting alone in your study working on a zany start-up idea, productivity matters. How quickly and efficiently we can get things done shapes the course of our careers, our companies