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The Xperia Neo V, one of the last handsets to carry both Sony and Ericsson’s names following the break-up of the years-long partnership between the two companies, is a relatively inexpensive smartphone that offers much of the same operational functionality of more expensive models but with less of the hardware

The Xperia Arc looks likely to be one of the last devices to carry the Sony Ericsson name after Sony said in October that it has bought Ericsson’s share of the joint venture. Sony no doubt wants to ensure future handsets integrate more easily with its other devices, and hopefully the

The Xperia Pro is the latest in Sony Ericsson’s smartphone range and combines a physical keyboard with a touch screen. It also includes a micro HDMI-out port, a feature that isn’t as common as we’d like it to be. The device is fairly light considering its sliding

More than 200m Nokia smartphone users worldwide can now use voice-over-Internet Protocol calling software Skype on their handsets, potentially causing a headache for mobile operators everywhere