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The Internet is a worldwide network, but not everything on it is available to everyone. That’s particularly true for services that are locked to regions – music streaming services such as Spotify and Google Play Music All Access as well as video-on-demand platforms such as Netflix and Hulu

There are a number of ways how you can use 1GB of free data these days — that’s what Vodacom is giving each of its 33m customers in South Africa on Sunday (for one day only). The Internet is full of exciting things to watch, download or even just update. What you

We’ve been gone too long, we know. But TechCentral is pleased to announce that its podcast, TalkCentral, is returning from this week with a new voice on the panel, Regardt van der Berg, who joins the editorial team from 1 May. In the first edition of the relaunched show, Van der Berg and co-host Duncan McLeod talk about the snowballing