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Recent research by TomTom shows that Cape Town has the most congested roads in South Africa. The city’s CBD is particularly hard hit by traffic delays. Now a new technology-based initiative has been launched to try to tackle the problem head-on. Accelerate

If you’re wondering why you seem to be wasting your life sitting in traffic, TomTom’s Traffic Index has the answer. And while Cape Town and Johannesburg lead the way in South Africa, our cities are thankfully some way behind the world’s worst jams. The most congested traffic

Satellite-based personal navigation devices have lost significant market share to smartphones in recent years. Devices that were once an important part of many drivers’ lives have become all but obsolete in an era where Google, Apple, Microsoft and others offer free navigation with arguably more up to date map data. It’s become difficult

TomTom has been making GPS navigation hardware devices for just over a decade and today its GPS tracking product range extends beyond cars and bikes. The TomTom Runner is a fitness tracker targeted at both indoor and outdoor runners. This GPS fitness watch bears a striking resemblance to the Nike+ GPS watch that was, in fact, developed by

Times Media Group is selling its controlling 51% stake in MAP Integration Technologies (MapIT) to TomTom Africa for R37,5m, the media and entertainment group said on Friday. TomTom already held 49% of MapIT’s equity. Times Media, which publishes newspapers such as the

Imagine being able to direct people to your home, your office, your current location or anywhere else on the planet with a single word rather than a lengthy address or set of GPS coordinates. A three-year-old South African company called Waytag is doing just that. Perhaps the easiest