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It’s not often I find myself cheering when reading through government documents, but I did just that last week as I took in the plan’s revised proposals for the information and communications technology sector. Here, in black and white, a government commission has laid out many

The National Planning Commission’s revised National Development Plan, handed over to President Jacob Zuma by planning minister Trevor Manuel on Wednesday, has raised the idea of separating Telkom structurally into two businesses, one focused on

The department of communications’ policy summit next week has generally been welcomed by analysts and industry players, who say the event is long overdue, especially in light of Africa slipping down world connectedness rankings. Communications minister Dina Pule said on Tuesday that the colloquium had been

While some governments have used social media to monitor unprecedented levels of social unrest this year, many have been leveraging these platforms to improve the quality of their services, engage citizens and cut costs. In an ideal world, political protests would

The National Planning Commission’s long-awaited National Development Plan for 2030, handed to President Jacob Zuma on Friday, has come out strongly in favour of market competition in the telecommunications industry, advocating spectrum trading and raising the

From noon on Wednesday until the same time this Saturday, IBM is facilitating an online dialogue between members of the National Planning Commission (NPC) and ordinary South Africans. Called the “NPC Jam”, the 72-hour event is intended to allow anyone who

SA is failing to keep up with international copyright treaties due to government “ineptitude and negligence” and, as a result…