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Biological testing proved that the white powder found at Sanral’s operations centre in Pretoria on Tuesday was not anthrax, the Electronic Toll Collection said. Thirty-seven people were decontaminated and hospitalised as a precautionary measure

Gauteng motorists not registered for e-tolls should pay their e-toll bills as soon as possible to avoid being charged more, roads agency Sanral said on Sunday. “When you do not have an e-tag and if you do not pay within the stipulated seven days, there is an additional cost, which could

Vusi Mona, spokesman for roads agency Sanral, should resign, the Justice Project South Africa said on Thursday. “JPSA calls upon Vusi Mona to do the honourable thing and resign immediately, failing which, the minister of transport should dismiss

Roads agency Sanral and the department of justice were discussing the possibility of establishing special courts where e-toll non-payers could be prosecuted, it was reported on Monday. Justice department spokesman Mthunzi Mhaga reportedly said Sanral had asked for such a

Roads agency Sanral was disappointed by Moody’s Investors Service’s decision to downgrade its credit rating, it said on Sunday. “Though it was not unexpected, it still does pain us,” spokesman Vusi Mona said. Moody’s downgraded Sanral’s long-term issuer ratings to Baa3

Ninety percent of Gauteng’s road users owe government over R2bn in unpaid fines in just a two-year period due to end in December 2013, and the Democratic Alliance says the Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences (Aarto) Act has failed to ensure that municipal authorities adjudicate