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Serial South African technology entrepreneur Vinny Lingham – the man behind Yola and Gyft and a co-founder of the Silicon Cape Initiative – has just gone live with his latest venture, Civic. Lingham, who now lives

Technology start-ups and the entrepreneurs who lead them should tackle the “many great opportunities” in South Africa and Africa more broadly rather than trying to emulate his decision to move to the US, says Gyft founder Vinny Lingham. Lingham, now one of the “dragons” in the South African

Gyft, the San Francisco start-up founded by South African technology entrepreneur Vinny Lingham, has secured US$5m in additional capital from new investors A-Grade Investments, Social+Capital Partnership, Karlin Ventures, Haas Portman and entrepreneur David O Sacks

A new, high-profile group founded by three South Africans now living in Silicon Valley and London has been formed to help grow SA businesses into global firms by providing the connections, advice and investment they need to take their ideas beyond SA’s

If there is one company that does not have to throw alms from the gilded corporate carriage to the unwashed masses of small businesses out there, it is Google. Its very existence is already a potent form of small-business support. Yet the Internet juggernaut has recently stepped up its outreach to SA small businesses. Woza Online

A start-up investment model developed by SA entrepreneur Eve Dmochowska and her colleagues to solve key problems in SA start-up financing proved a big hit at the annual South by South West Interactive festival held in Austin, Texas earlier this week