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Neotel this week unveiled a new “fixed-wireless” handset aimed at the retail consumer market. TechCentral put the device, made by China’s ZTE, through its paces. The handset, which uses Neotel’s wireless code division multiple access

Sixteen Chinese workers subcontracted to build cellphone company Cell C’s high-speed mobile broadbad network were detained in Durban for allegedly having invalid work permits, the home affairs department said on Sunday.

At first glance, the S306 from Chinese telecommunications company ZTE looks like it’s meant as a joke. With its gigantic buttons, it looks like something that would be most appropriate in the hands of DreamWorks Animation’s loveable ogre, Shrek. It resembles a toy phone you might find in an aisle at Reggies.

Vodacom is introducing a range of low-cost devices, including a US$40 smartphone, in an effort to broaden the market that has access to e-mail and the Web in SA. The smarphone, developed for Vodacom parent Vodafone and meant for use in emerging markets, has a Qwerty keyboard and a basic, 2,2-inch TFT display