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Vodacom to offer free weekend airtime

Free weekend minutes from Vodacom

Vodacom is stepping up its fight with rivals MTN and Cell C by introducing “free” on-network weekend and after-hours minutes to its contract subscribers from 1 May 2010.

“Vodacom contract customers will receive up to three hours of free calls to use over weekends or weekday nights to call other Vodacom customers,” the company says.

“Most customers on contract packages will now get a ‘more minutes’ bundle to use during weekends or weekday nights from 8pm-7am,” Vodacom says. “The allocated free minutes are based on the contract package the customer subscribes to and can be used to call other Vodacom customers.”

Vodacom SA MD Shameel Joosub says there will be no change to contract subscription charges.

The number of free minutes allocated will depend on the contract. “A customer who subscribes to a Talk 240 contract package can choose to receive 60 free minutes to use over weekends or 30 free minutes to use during weekday evenings, to call other Vodacom customers, at no additional cost,” Joosub says.

The allocation of the monthly “more minutes” bundle will default to weekend minutes. However, customers have the option of changing their weekend minutes to weekday evening minutes by calling the Vodacom call centre.

Vodacom says it has also reduced certain peak call rates and simplified out-of-bundle call rates on contract packages to include two rates that apply all day — one rate for calling Vodacom customers and another for calling customers on other networks.  — Staff reporter, TechCentral


  1. I don’t want free weekend minutes. Just make the calls cheaper. Much cheaper. That is all we want. None of this “free” nonsense. We all know it is not free. It’s just subsidized by the exorbitant call rates.

  2. I also wonder what happened to the cheaper call rates Vodacom promised… We’re still paying a lot for this interconnection stuff. And the data bundles on mobile still cost an arm and a broken leg!

  3. Is this something we’ll have to activate via some lengthy painful process or will it kick in automatically?

  4. Akin to putting lipstick on a pig. Bells and whistles.

    Give us cheaper prices not ‘value added’ packages.

  5. This still doesn’t come close to what Cell C has been offering it’s customers. Vodacom, too little, too late, I think…

  6. Yes free is never free. Make all the calls cheaper, that is the long and short of it!

  7. They will rather milk us dry before they drop the prices. Wonder where all the money is coming from for all the sponsorships??? You are paying for it.

  8. I have been a loyal Vodacom subscriber (on both Prepaid and contract) for 10 years. I never subscribe to any network. I do not like this Vodacom’s free off-peak offer which is only directed to contract customers. What about the loyal prepaid customers who do not want to commit to the contract due to their financial status?

    I still regret my previous decision of ignoring to change to Cell C network when they were offering the SA’s evergreen 60 minutes free weekend calls within Cell C network. Cell C really cares about everyone (contract or prepaid customers) using their network.

    I agree with above Nicole’s comment that reads “This still doesn’t come close to what Cell C has been offering it’s customers. Vodacom, …….. too late,”

  9. This is the trend that theyve been following for the last 10 years. And probably for the next ten. I make a prediction that in 2020 we will still be paying the same price but just with more value added stuff ex. more airtime data etc. They are not interested in reducing their income. Poor on their behalf.

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