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When Facebook’s down, so are you

Checking social networks is a morning ritual for many, and when that routine is disrupted — as it was this week when Facebook’s servers went down — its absence can come as a surprise. But what also becomes apparent is that when the world’s most popular social


Still want a BlackBerry? Hell, yes!

BlackBerry, once the must-have device for the sweaty palms of executives and wannabe executives everywhere, has seen its global share of the smartphone market fall to below 1%. So would you still buy this unpopular phone? If you live in parts of Africa, India or Indonesia


Next to get hacked: your car

Theft of vehicles is about as old as the notion of transport – from horse thieves to hijackers. No longer merely putting a brick through a window, vehicle thieves have continually adapted to new technology, as demonstrated by a new method to steal a car without the


Microsoft’s fightback begins

Microsoft, once the dominant force in the software industry, has for a few years been on the back foot. Despite its undeniable clout and the world’s largest installed base of users, it has been slow to move


Drug smugglers deal in drones

It will come as no surprise to anyone that drugs are big business, so when a drone crashed in a car park of a US border town weighed down with several kilos of narcotics, it was just another example of smugglers


Start your upgrade engines for Windows 10

The hype around the next generation of Windows reached a new high this week with the Windows 10 Preview, held at Microsoft’s Seattle headquarters in the US. With the marketing machine revving at the red-line, the event has settled much


Don’t let politicians choke the Internet

We have spent years promoting the need for change in our approach to Internet infrastructure, forcing politicians to recognise it as a serious issue. So it’s great to see US President Barack Obama tackling the issue in his state of the union address. You may agree or disagree

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Facebook’s free, but is it fair?

Despite the importance of the Internet to contemporary society, according to the International Telecommunication Union only 42% of the world’s population is online. That leaves 4,3bn people without the Internet, of which 90% live in the developing world. African, Asian


Google Glass finally cracks

The announcement that Google is to halt sales of its Google Glass augmented-reality spectacles has been interpreted by some people as the end of a pilot project and the start of a new phase of product development, or by others as indicative of failure. Google says the


US, UK in cyber war games

The financial institutions of the City of London and Wall Street are to take part in a series of “war game” exercises aimed at testing their resilience to cyberattack. The announcement comes as British Prime Minister David Cameron travelled to the White House to

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