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Indie Game: the Movie, one of the most talked-about films at the Sundance Festival earlier this year, is a rabidly partisan look at the tribulations and triumphs of indie games developers. Romanticising its subjects as the 21st century’s struggling artists, it

MTN SA has signed a sponsorship deal with Bloodhound SSC (supersonic car), a UK-based project that bills itself as an “engineering adventure” and seeks to break the land-speed record by piloting a vehicle at more than 1 600km/h. The companies hope to use the project to encourage school

Few films arrive as burdened by expectation as Prometheus, Ridley Scott’s eagerly awaited prequel to his 1979 space horror flick Alien. Though it can’t live up to the years of hype, Prometheus is the most interesting sort of failure and the most glorious sort of mess because it sets its sights high. Prometheus is

Perhaps it’s wrong to hate Call of Duty for being the world’s biggest first-person shooter (FPS), but sometimes it’s hard not to. Activision’s multibillion-dollar juggernaut has turned into a homogenising force in the military shooter market as other publishers try to emulate its success. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon

Max Payne, first released in 2001, pointed the way to the future of the third-person shooter more than any other game released 10 years ago. Drawing on Hollywood realism as much as videogame convention and propelled as much by narrative as gameplay, it was the granddaddy of Uncharted, Gears of War

Diablo 3, just like 2010’s StarCraft 2, is the product of a studio that has settled into a conservative middle-age, one that has perhaps become hostage to a fan base that is suspicious of innovation. One might wonder what Blizzard Entertainment might achieve with more

Cell C and Vodacom both slashed their prepaid rates on Wednesday, but MTN appears unwilling to be drawn into the unfolding price war, saying its rates are already the most affordable in the market, even compared to latest cuts from its competitors. Vodacom is offering

New Cell C CEO Alan Knott-Craig says the Independent Communications Authority of SA (Icasa) ought to cut the fees SA’s mobile operators charge each other to carry calls onto their networks to 25c/minute to facilitate further price competition in the

Last Friday, TechCentral’s Craig Wilson travelled to Yzerfontein, the site of the West African Cable System landing station in SA. He took these pictures

As a software architect and technologist I am actively involved in interrogating and analysing software products that cross my desk on a daily basis. It’s part of who I am. Download, play, crit, throw away or publicly announce the brilliant product that some propeller-head has created in his garage in a small town off