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JSE-listed technology group Altech expects headline earnings per share for the year ended February 2012 to be as much as 30% lower against a year ago as problems at its operations outside SA continue to weigh on the group’s financial performance. Altech says headline earnings per share will decline by between 24% and 30% as a result

The tablet’s ability to deliver content has been considered a threat to PC makers and broadcasters, but new data shows 85% of people use their tablets while watching television, according to a report by Forrester. The tablet is replacing laptops as second-screen devices, since we can do many of same tasks on tablets that

The way the world ends in Take Shelter is not in a flash of nuclear light or with the moon turning scarlet, but with lost jobs, mortgage foreclosures and medical insurance co-payments. It’s an apocalyptic thriller for our times, a film about the terrors of a life where there are no more financial certainties. Directed by Jeff Nichols and starring

Groupon was forced to restate fourth quarter earnings, sending its stock down 6% in after-hours trading on Friday. This surprised me as much as my US$2 investment in the Mega Millions jackpot not paying off. The reasons for Groupon’s restatement were higher refund reserves and weakness in internal controls. These are issues I’ve repeatedly

Cellphone giant MTN was so desperate to win a mobile operating licence in the “virgin” territory of Iran that it allegedly put together a package of bribes, trading opportunities in sophisticated weaponry, capital investment and diplomatic influence that the Islamic Republic could not resist, write Sharda Naidoo, Craig McKune and Stefaans Brümmer