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22seven is no longer in beta. It will offer users a 30-day free trial, after which the service will cost R70/month. There is no contractual commitment and users can opt out at any time. CEO Christo Davel says mobile applications are inevitable, but won’t commit to a timeline for their launch

Afrihost, reacting to recent reductions in Telkom’s wholesale broadband access rates to Internet service providers, is cutting the cost of its uncapped consumer digital subscriber line (DSL) products, but with a catch for new 4Mbit/s subscribers. All clients with existing 4Mbit/s uncapped accounts

And we’re back! This week, your hosts Duncan McLeod and Craig Wilson for a midweek edition of TechCentral’s TalkCentral podcast. In the show this week, we talk about First National Bank’s new geo-payments facility and consider what it means for the other banks and chat about Craig’s Mango flight to test WirelessG’s

It was bad SA television that gave Elon Musk part of his mysterious edge. As a 10-year-old he read whole volumes of the Encyclopaedia Britannica after emptying the family bookshelves — anything to avoid another episode of CHiPs or Die Man van Intersek. Avoiding sports and bullies just as keenly

Battleship is big, dumb, witless, and cynically slapped together. It is also entertaining in the fashion of a film that you laugh at rather than with. Effectively a US$200m B-movie branded for a classic board game, it is such a grand monument to the worst excesses

Marvel’s master plan for an all-star superhero film with some of its most popular characters has finally come together in The Avengers, a rousing special FX blockbuster that delivers exactly what most comic-book fans will be looking for. It’s an enjoyable

Inside a low-rise building in a business park at Rock Hill, South Carolina, is a vision of the factory of the future. Several dozen machines are humming away, monitored from a glass-fronted control room by two people looking at computer screens. Some of the machines are the size of a car, others that of a microwave oven, but they all have

In this episode of TalkCentral, your hosts Duncan McLeod and Craig Wilson chat about last week’s big department of communications’ policy colloquium. We discuss whether anything will flow out of the event and the likely impact that communications minister Dina Pule and her director-general Rosey Sekese will have on the technology

It’s not often that a film director is brave enough to play it straight with a “when animals attack!” movie, but Joe Carnahan’s The Grey is deadly serious about its man versus nature theme and better for it. It’s an efficient creature-feature, made with conviction and gutsiness. The Grey pits a crew of roughneck oil drillers, led by wolf hunter

Boyish rom-com lead Hugh Grant is about as far from a 19th century pirate as you could imagine, but then The Pirate Captain he voices in Aardman’s Pirates! Band of Misfits is not your average scorbutic seadog. Preening, caddish and exceedingly proud of his “luxuriant” beard, The Pirate Captain is every bit the roguish man-child that