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In a not entirely unexpected move, Microsoft on Thursday unveiled its new corporate clothing with the first update to its logo in 25 years. The overhaul comes just as the US software maker is gearing up for one of the biggest product release cycles in its history, including new versions of Windows and Office. “It’s been 25

Things didn’t look particularly good for Sleeping Dogs just a year and a half ago when the game was brutally cancelled by Activision because it was “just not good enough” to compete with the Grand Theft Autos of the world. Saving the game from oblivion

By the heady standards of Alfred Hitchcock, his 1958 film Vertigo was a failure. It only just broke even at the box office at a time when the director’s films where raking in money. It received a lukewarm reception from the critics, who sniffed that it was “only a murder mystery” not worthy of two hours of screen time. Those same critics

Intelsat 20, a new communications satellite that will serve the future needs of MultiChoice, which owns pay-TV service DStv, blasted successfully into space overnight aboard an Ariane 5 launch vehicle from Kourou in French Guiana. Lift-off occured at 10.54pm SA time on Thursday night. At 28 minutes after launch, at

Few films leave me as conflicted as The Dark Knight Rises, the ambitious but maddeningly inconsistent conclusion to the trilogy director Christopher Nolan started with Batman Begins. It’s a film that as often amplifies Nolan’s weaknesses as a storyteller as it

The slasher flick has not been the same since Wes Craven’s 1996 horror-comedy Scream so cannily deconstructed the subgenre that he helped to create. Craven’s mockery was affectionate but also so on target that no one has been able to take slasher movies seriously ever since

Following too soon after Sam Raimi’s 2002 Spider-Man origin tale and sticking too closely to its narrative beat, The Amazing Spider-Man has no real reason to exist. Though the film is often enjoyable, it’s hard to shake the feeling you have seen it all before in Raimi’s film and countless other superhero origin

Willed into existence in one of the world’s most barren places, the gleaming towers of Dubai are a monument to the triumphs of the age and perhaps to its hubris. Fast-forwarded from the “18th century to the 21st in a single generation”, it is a city that stands defiant against the arid wasteland that surrounds it

The Woman in Black, an Edwardian period horror film starring Daniel Radcliffe, is so thick with foggy atmosphere that you almost miss the faint whiff of the ridiculous in the air. This is a film that considers no haunted house cliché too threadbare to use, but that manages to be chilling despite the familiarity of

Fast food franchise Nando’s has turned down an offer by DStv to flight its anti-‘xenophobia advertisement initially banned by the pay channel, Business Day reported on Monday. Nando’s marketing manager Thabang Ramogase said it seemed as if DStv wanted to flight the advertisement only