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Director Wes Anderson fusses over his films like a mother preparing a tousle-haired child for a photo. His movies are colour-coordinated, neatly buttoned-up, every small hair licked down into place, every quirky little detail – however inconsequential – arranged just so. That’s all

Reservoir Dogs, released 20 years ago in the US this month, blindsided almost everyone who saw it when it first came out with its fragmented storytelling, its juxtaposition of jaunty pop music and bracing violence, and its rat-tat-tat dialogue. That it feels almost conventional today is just a reflection of how influential

Rejoice, 2000AD fans! Dredd is just as tough and uncompromising as the character upon which it is based. It is a lean action movie with a mordant wit and an obvious love for its British comic-book inspiration. Alex Garland’s superb screenplay captures the spirit of the 2000AD comic in a film that plays like

Research in Motion (RIM) is pulling out all the stops in an effort to save its embattled BlackBerry platform. This week, the Canadian company took the wraps off its long-overdue BlackBerry 10 operating system. Though the final version will only be available commercially in the first quarter of next year, the company is keen

The Bourne Legacy is a valiant attempt to revive one of the best action series of the past decade with a new director at the helm and a new character in the lead. Legacy is not always as effective as the Matt Damon Bourne films, but it shares enough of the trilogy’s virtues to mostly hit the mark for series fans

American indie hit Beasts of the Southern Wild is set in a place so magical that it could be straight from a fable, though it is also as grounded as the New Orleans lashed by Katrina a few years ago. It’s a delta community cut off from the rest of the world by the levee and in danger of sinking beneath saltwater every time bad weather

The Advertising Standards Authority has found in favour of MTN after the operator laid a complaint against Cell C, accusing its smaller rival of discrediting its brand in two advertisements. The authority has instructed Cell C to withdraw the ads. The first target of MTN’s ire was a television advertisement featuring a man

Pity the small enterprise pitted against a larger rival muscling in on its turf. Especially when the business is selling the best weed in California and the competition is a ruthless Mexican cartel whose anticompetitive behaviour includes torture and murder

There was a time when the spacey melody of Rodriguez’s Sugar Man hung permanently in the air at university digs around SA, as much a part of the atmosphere as the curling cigarette smoke and the pungent scent of incense. More than The Rolling Stones or The Sex Pistols, Rodriguez was the soundtrack of rebellion for liberal young

The Expendables, Sylvester Stallone’s attempt to round up the great action stars of the 1980s for a last hurrah, sounded fantastic on paper but fell flat in execution. With the sequel, Sly and his friends from the Beverly Hills Home for Retired Action Heroes set things right by giving us the Dirty Dozen-style ensemble action film for