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All eyes are turned towards Barcelona this week, where Mobile World Congress 2016 is taking place. One of the main topics on the agenda, one which African telecommunications operators should pay close attention to, is what’s happening with

Many eyes were turned towards parliament last month for a portfolio committee discussion over possible regulation of over-the-top (OTT) service providers.
Now, communications regulator Icasa is facing a difficult situation. It must

The growth of digital is causing tremendous pain for telecommunications operators and wireless carriers. Fierce competition is seeing consumers increasingly turning to giants such as

Revenue forecasts for communication service providers in the African and Middle East (AME) growth markets remain bleak, with projections of continued stagnation for a minimum of three years. According to Ovum, the AME mobile

South Africa’s telecommunications industry is at a crossroads, at which the operators face grave new competitive challenges and exciting opportunities that will ultimately decide their fate. These megatrends can