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New contract plans: Vodacom ‘lags rivals’

Vodacom on Tuesday announced new prices across its Red and Smart contract tariff plans, but the new deals, especially on the cheaper “Smart” plans, don’t do much to satisfy the ever-growing demand among consumers for data.

That’s the view of Tariffic, the company that analyses cellphone bills to help companies and individuals move to networks and packages that make most sense to them financially.

“Vodacom has increased the prices of all its Smart+ packages, in return for some additional voice minutes. Data, however, is the ‘man of the hour’, and it seems that Vodacom, for the most part, hasn’t done anything to quench the thirst of the data-hungry masses,” Tariffic said in a statement.

“What Vodacom is offering them, though, is a heavily discounted Red More Data package. Although not cheap, at R749/month (down from R999/month), this package comes with 150 minutes and a whopping 10GB of data, and is definitely worth considering if you’re a heavy data user.”

Tariffic said Vodacom’s other Red packages are being offered at the same price as before, but now come with a lot more data (the Red Classic+ comes with 500 more minutes and 2GB more data for an extra R200/month, the Red Premium+ comes with 10GB rather than 4GB, and the Red VIP+ comes with double the initial 10GB on offer). The Red Premium+ also now has unlimited calls included.

There is an additional package that has been added to the Red range — the Red Select+, which costs R999/month and comes with 800 minutes and 2GB of data, and slots in between the Smart+ and the Red packages.

A comparison of the old plans with the new: Image: Tariffic

“While the more innovative mobile network operators are offering data-centric packages, such as Telkom’s FreeMe contracts, Vodacom is still lagging behind and not bothering to add much flavour to its vanilla packages,” Tariffic said.

“Although high-end Red subscribers are now being blessed with more inclusive data, the Smart users — with contracts under R589/month — will have to make do with under 1GB of data included in their packages.

“While cheaper deals can be found across all networks, Vodacom has shown a reluctance to compete when it comes to price, rather touting their allegedly superior network quality as a reason for the higher prices.

“So, for South Africans looking to tighten their belts, especially considering the tough economic times we find ourselves in, we recommend MTN’s My MTNChoice+ packages, Telkom’s FreeMe packages, or Cell C’s Pinnacle contracts.”  — © 2017 NewsCentral Media


  1. Werner Ackermann on

    Totally disappointed.
    Telkom seems the best option for me. CellC has some potential offers, but their packages seems way too confusing.

  2. After the last “Contract price increase scam” I’m surprised anyone would consider having anything to do with Vodacom. Also their treatment of Makate (Please call me innovator) shows how arrogant and bigoted this greedy, corrupt corporate is. Please don’t support Vodacom in any way, they can’t be trusted.

  3. Agree 100%.VC is a big, evil bullying company. Somebody labeled them the leader of the evil pack of BUTs, the Big Ugly Telecoms.
    Their criminal collusion to fix the MTRs, interconnection fees has not been forgotten. My worst experience among telecoms with VC as a private customer almost 10 years ago made me and my family completely leave them.

  4. After 17 years of being a loyal and profitable customer for Vodacom, I finally couldn’t take the bad service and overpriced packages and left for Telkom. Yes, I understand the network coverage is not as good but I’m saving hundreds of rands every month and for that I’m grateful and content to be with Telkom. I’m definitely advising friends and family to switch away from Vodacom – they need to catch a wake up call.

  5. Magic Mushroom on

    VC have the best signal but highest prices. I decided now to rather sign up with either Cell C or Telkom who both have the best prices at the moment. Coverage might not be as good as VC, but where i work and travel, it doesnt matter. Sorry VC, you have had many chances to make good, but you instead chase the RRR’s